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  1. I think we only have so much energy and it is problematic once that threshold is exceeded. I also suffer from bad reflux, it's one of my main symptoms.
  2. Propel offers purified water with the electrolyte equivalent of Gatorade. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners.
  3. I definitely agree - think it is best to get up and get going even when we don't want to. It's quite frustrating to have to manage every aspect of life this way!
  4. Has anyone tried this with success? I am type B and susceptible to slow growing viruses that attack the nervous system. I should not eat chicken and wheat (both staples in my diet for a long time). It just seems to offer a lot of promise.
  5. I love caffeine but usually consume in the form of diet pop. This may explain why it helps us: Caffeine (although an adenosine receptor antagonist) is able to counteract the anticholinergic symptoms by reducing sedation and increasing acetylcholine activity, thereby causing alertness and arousal.
  6. Simply put - live life to the fullest, take nothing for granted, always focus on the positive, slow down and smell the roses.
  7. Quinoa and ginger work the best for me. I empathize with you as gastro issues are no fun. Get well.
  8. Absolutely - just try to lay down, breathe deep and think positive thoughts.
  9. Have you tried biofeedback? A device called emwave 2 on amazon is around $199 (less on ebay) has helped me.
  10. I definitely have this and I attribute it to our bodies constantly being in fight or flight mode. I will stretch (which is very difficult due to the extreme tightness) but it doesn't seem to help. Does anything you have tried seem to help?
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