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  1. You might check out Vision Specialists of Michigan www.vsofm.com There are only 3 doctors who specialize in-----Vertical Heterophoria----Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. I saw Dr Debby Feinberg last month and as she said, "I can't cure POTS but I can make things better." My eye alignment was off and in her office with correction my vision cleared, nausea disappeared and all my dizziness and balance problems are gone." I have been wearing my new glasses for 3 weeks and my POTS symptoms are better...not gone...but much better! I have some blurring after I eat when the blood leaves the head f
  2. Just diagnosed with POTS Oct 21 2013....my husband & I attend the North American Jewish Choral Festival a 4 day singing intensive (small group choir practice 1.5 hour twice a day and lots of other singing---with the shortness of breath issues I am thinking this year I should attend in the "for Observers" mode---still fun just no singing. Sad for the loss....just one of many in just 2 months.
  3. Psalm any tips on sizing for the one you recommend from Amazon?
  4. I have major issues after eating, this looks like what I need to try. Question? How can you put it on before getting out of bed when you are going to take a shower before getting dressed?!?!? Guess it would be like the compression hose ASAP after the shower. I am just 2 months diagnosed with POTS....and very overwhelmed. The eating thing has been so bad that I mostly live on liquids...Thanks for the good advice about binders!
  5. I wear Jobst Relief 20-30 Thigh high and they have been a miracle for me. Before the blood pooling made me unable to walk after about 2pm. The secrets to them staying up are: 1) when you wash them you must use detergent and a toothbrush to scrub the silicone dots. 2) these are graduated stockings so they need to be firmly pulled up on the calf with multiple pulls before proceeding to go further (I am not explaining very well but there is a point that the compression gets a bit less and that should be at the knee. I love mine---tried the panty hose hard to get on and the on and off and on and o
  6. Becia, I too used to cover my hair for religious reasons, but I have major issues with overheating and so I cannot do so anymore. Anyone else have identity issues from having to give up so much of themselves due to POTS? I was diagnosed 10-21-2013. Beginning a year ago I had quit working after 19 years full time Massage Therapist and instructor---I loved what I did. I don't even have strength to volunteer helping Seniors---again something I loved! My hair is shorter than it has been in years and after being a Weight Watcher Life Time Member for years---I have gained 10 lbs in 2 months----I loo
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