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  1. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 months ago. I had the epidural and everything went great! I was worried about my hr and passing out the whole time. Instead my bp went high and my heart rate stayed real low.When they put the needle in my bp dropped alot. I was afraid I was going to pass out. I think this was the only time in my life I diddn't have a fast hear rate which was weard.. but great. I hope everything goes good! Congrats!
  2. Iv'e been passing out on and off for years now. You would think I would get use to it but I can't. The last time I fainted was in May then recentally just started back up again. I went to the doc because of this...and when I stood up to leave I woke upon the floor. How embaressing!! I hit my head off the chair he said. Then i almost passed out from hitting my head. I couldn't see or hear anything. He put me on midrodine. I took it 5 years ago . It helped then and it seems to be helping now. The problem now is that I'm afraid to go anywhere because I dont want anyone to see me passout. I'm afraid if I go to the doc he will just think it was all anxiety or something. I've never had anxiety but now I'm just so nervous about it.:/ Anyone ealse have this problem? If people diddn't make such a big deal about it I think it wouldn't be as bad.
  3. Hi everyone. I haven't been on for quite along time. I was woundering if any one has ever had an inplantable loop recorder. I'm suprised my cardiologist never had me where one. I've been passing out on and off for 9 years. I was diagnosed with POTS back in 03. I haven't had any luck with doctors here. It's weard my symptoms will improve for months at a time..then one morning I wake up and my whole life changes again. Anyone ealse go back and forth with symptoms. Sometimes I just feel like they are missing something. Would it be weard to ask for one? I was thinking about asking my reg doc about it on Thursday along with a new cardiologist. lol
  4. Congrats! I had the same symptoms as you. The morning sickness got so bad I axually lost 50 lbs! I hope everything goes well for you!
  5. Hi everyone! I was just woundering if anyone new if Pots can cause miscarrages. I just lost my baby at 11w 5d. I never new anything was wrong. The heart had just stopped beating and I had to have surgery. I never fainted when I was preagnent but a few days before my ultrasound I came close. I was woundering if maby the fast Hr or blood pressure might have had anything to do with it. My blood pressure was always low intill I got preg then it went very high. I asked My gyno about this and he said he wasn't sure. They said something like this can cause problems or miscarrages later in pregnancy. It got so bad I could barley walk. I couldn't keep any meals down or fluids for almost two months. I was so weak and dizzy.Has anyone every had prob in pregnancy because of pots? and if so what did they do for you to make it better. The baby was sent to Pathologly but I wont know for a couple more weeks.
  6. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!
  7. I just watched it and I think It was GREAT! It was very helpful!! It was almost like watching myself. Since it's on again at 1:00 I'm going to be taping it. I think it would help alot of my family and friends understand what Im going through. Wouldn't hurt for some doctors to watch it eather!lol
  8. Hi everyone. I was woundering if POTS can run in families. My younger sister is starting to get alot of the same symptoms as me...just a little milder.Today we were at the store and she passed out. This is her 3rd time now.She said her hr felt fast and she couldnt't see right before she passed out. I was able to catch her but she bashed her head off the wall. She does say when she goes from sitting to standing she feels a lil light headed.
  9. Hi everyone. I was looking for some info online.. and I came across the Insertable Loop Recorder.The insertable loop recorder is a device used to diagnose sufferers of unexplained recurrent fainting, or other symptoms such as palpitations, light-headedness or dizziness. After reading alot about it I was kind of woundering why my doctor has never told me about this before. Has anyone ealse tried this?
  10. I dream about passing out alot 2. It feels so real in the dream.
  11. I recently just started taking midrodine again. He put me on just a low dose this time. 2.5 Mg 3 times daily. when I was on it last time I was taking 5Mg. 3 times daily and I had alot of tingeling and goosebumbs and headaches. It lasted for about 1 week then went away. Since I'm only talking 2.5 mg I don't get any of those side effects. My hr is alot lower at times which is good!! It seems to help me for a month or so then it doesn't seem to work as much. My body much get to use to it or something.
  12. Hey, The brand Is medipeds and the compression level says Moderate. They were just ten bucks. I went by the chart on the back but that wasn't right at all. It said if u were 5'7 and were between 150-190 pounds u took a med size... lol but they were way to small so I went to a large and they fit alot better. I think I'll try the specially made ones. I'm sure they do work better.I 'll look into the brands that everyone listed!
  13. Hi everyone. I just bought a pair of compression socks today. I was just woundering how they axually work? A few months ago my doctor said I should get some specially made. I got a pair at walmart instead. They were much cheaper. Will they pretty much work the same way?
  14. Thanks for the advise everyone! It helped alot. I spoke with my cardiologist today and he thinks I should be eating atleast 1,500 a day. I did forget that eating large meals can trigger ANS problems. I think that could of been the case. He' putting me back on a small dose of Midrodine 3 times daily. He thinks that might help.
  15. Hi everyone! For the past 2 months I have been feeling pretty good. I decided to go on a diet and have lost 30 pounds in almost 2 months. I was fainting on a daily basis before I started dieting....but once I cut my calories under 1,000 I compleatly stoped passing out!! I had no more chest pains,dizzyness ,rapid Hr,ect. This past week I decided to cheat a little and eat whatever I wanted. When I was out today I woke up on the ground. I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was before. It made me so mad because I was finally doing so much better. I just thought this was really weard. I don't see how just cutting my calories could of made such a difference...maby I was just lucky for a couple of months? Has this ever happened to anyone ealse? I could feel me heart pounding right before i went down,but i diddnt think anything of it. When the ambulance ppl arrived they said my Hr was very low. and they said it much of dropped fast. They wanted me to go to the ER but i diddn't want to. I probably wouldn't be told anything new. Last month I went for anyother stress test. I diddn't faint but I felt awful. I am still waiting for the test results. I keep calling and calling but no one calls me back...so Im guessing the test results much be normal..so Im not really sure what 2 do now. I do know I am going back to my diet 2morrow!!
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