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  1. There are definately drugs out there that are safer in pregnancy so talk to you OB and PSYC as there may be alternatives to try. What about alternative therapies/remedies? Reflexology, accupressure, accupuncture. Tumeric has great anti inflamatory properties. Hope this eases for you soon xx
  2. Awesome thank you. Only one way to find out so bottoms up!
  3. Thanks guys. And no one has worse pots symptoms when taking nsaids?
  4. When I picked up my first prescription of beta blockers the pharmacist advised me not to take NSAID's. I also have endometriosis and during my period the only partial relief is an NSAID and co-codamol combo. I can't take anything stronger as it would knock me for six and I can't afford time off work each month for 'women's issues' and being high as a kite! I will ask a Dr opinion tomorrow but does anyone take both beta blockers and NSAID's with no ill effects? I know the interaction is reducing the bp lowering effects of the bb's but does anyone experience worsening pots syptoms with NSAID's?
  5. Saw my GP this morning and she's awesome! Openly admitted that she knows very little about POTS and was willing to take my lead and listen to what I've researched. She said she was recently at an event with 600ish Dr's and only about 5 had heard of POTS!! She's happy for me to start working clinically again and just seeing what I can and can't cope with. She will support me with whatever working pattern I decide works for me. I asked to be referred to the autonomic uint at Univeristy college hospitals London and after filling her in on primary and secondary POTS, that I'd like to investigate a
  6. Alison if you feel your GP isn't the one for you then you are well within your rights to see someone else. Maybe find out if there's a GP that has an interest in neuro/cardio. It took me 3 GP's before I found one who had read an article about POTS and didn't palm me off. Now she's stuck with me! Also write everything down. Symptoms, timeline, meds, questions and most importantly what you want to happen. If you ask for something, they can't refuse. It's your health, not theirs. When are you going back? x
  7. Personally I would push for a referral as there may be an underlying cause for your pots that can be treated.
  8. Hi I'm also in the UK. Definately try and find a specialist as they can investigate why. Where abouts are you? x
  9. BP checked at work today 116/64 (normal for me) so happy with that. I know, I'm usually a very patient person (I'm a midwife so have to be!) but i've been signed off non clinical at work since October (again I know, lucky to be working etc) and I just want to do my job! But I think part of this is the harsh reality that I may not be able to practice to my full capacity and that's killing me, so I'm desperate for these tablets to work and not make me feel worse!. I've always said if I couldn't be a midwife I don't know what I'd do. Just internal head struggles that I'm sure we all have for our
  10. Well so far today I'm more awake and have more energy so fingers crossed taking in the evening is the way forward!
  11. Thank you Tobiano. How long for the fatigue to improve for you? It's dropped my resting heart reat by about 15 and my bp. My tachycardia seems to have lessened but I still get quite a jump in hr on standing etc so the same is still happening just the numbers have changed. Stil symptomatic etc. But not even a week on it yet so I need to be patient! I've changed it from morning to evening so will see if that helps.
  12. Thanks guys, will chat with my GP tomorrow. BP on Sunday was 99/62 which is quite low for me. Will check it at work tomorrow before I call to see what it's doing.
  13. I've been on Bisoprolol for almost a week and the fatigue is unreal! I've doubled the amount I sleep, struggle to get up for work and just have no energy. Anyone else find they were more fatigued with beta blockers? How did you cope? Any hints and tips, lifestyle changes etc? I'm guessing this is just a side effect from starting the med and will subside with time.
  14. The only other testing he mentioned was the echo and a review in 3 months. No mention of further testing to rule other things out. Thankfully I'm in the UK so have the NHS to rely on so would really like him to chuck tests at me!! I'm going to talk to my GP tomorrow, see what she says and explain that I'd like piece of mind that nothing else is going on. Feel odd today, have had a headache for a few hours, not shifted by paracetamol. Really tired too. But resting HR is lower. So fingers crossed. Thanks guys.
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