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  1. Thank God my job asked for Voluntary layoff for 3 months. It's so hard dealing with this Syndrome and trying to keep up at work at the same time. God bless all that have to do it full time.
  2. How are you doing post treatment? Prevpac made my POTS worse.
  3. I've tried Amitriptyline 10 mill in the day and 25 at night. The 10 mill kinda had me tired during the day but the 25 mills helps me sleep really good. Sorry nobody answered your post. God bless
  4. I was diagnosed with POTS about 3 years ago and just have had a run of bad luck since. 8/12 I was feeling really ill with Stomach problems and was sent to a Gastrointestinal Physician and they discovered HPylori went on a Triple Antibiotic med and was cleared of this but still was feeling ill. I was sent to a Specialist in Louisville who diagnosed me with Spastic Colon and was given Amitriptyline and it truly didn't help me. About a month ago I had another Endoscopy and was diagnosed with SIBO. Went on two antibiotics and still don't feel well. I wakeup with Severe Headaches and Lower back pain. I sweat a lot at Night as well and have noticed Dark Spots like Age spots coming up all on my upper body. I have a lot of floaters as well. I'm just so scared and don't know what I should do. I have to see my GP tom. Does anyone have any advice that I can share with my GP. I'm just so ready to give up. Thanks and God Bless.
  5. I notice I have a heat intolerance since having this Condition
  6. Ive said the same thing as well. Headaches, lower back pain and neck pain as well. You probably have Family that Love you like I do. We have to remember them and keep pushing. If I could give you a hug I would. We will get thru this. Keep your head up and God Bless
  7. I have the same issues. I was informed by an Eye physician that they are floaters as well. Dont let it worry you. I too went thru the same thing as you. Keep your head up. God bless.
  8. Happens when I go to sleep. Its like you stop breathing and remember to and its like a gasp for air.Weird!!!!!
  9. I work in a warehouse on my feet for 8 hours a day. Its a struggle but God gets me thru. Thank Goodness.
  10. So sorry your going thru this. God bless ya and keep your head up.
  11. I hear people raving about VSL3 probiotic as well. I know all to well about GI issues with having Hpylori and the treacherous PrevPac that they prescribed to me. Hope he gets well soon. God bless.
  12. Same here, My Mother is Spanish, Asian and Black and My Father is Creole and Black. Hienz 57
  13. Thanks alot Guys or Gals. I just want to ask a few questions pertaining to certain aspects of Ethnicity and this condition. I have never felt so bad in my Life. Glad I found this forum. This is so scary to me. I wont lie. God Bless
  14. I was just wondering if there were any minorities with this Condition. My doctor wanted to know if I could find any others to share and discuss this with. Thanks.
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