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  1. so i was wondering do people with dysautonomia/POTS supposed to have no tachycardia/palpitation when exercise/do activity/exertion supine? maybe like lifting themself or something heavy. or push-up/sit-up.
  2. i feel it too. when im sick, or weaker my sympathetic seems getting more dominant. higher HR, palp, higher BP. sweat. body temp also weird, muscle problem, etc.
  3. sorry to barge in. but since its still on the topic (drug to decrease HR) and someone has posted here about SSRI id like to discuss about it. does it have some risk of increasing HR/worsen tachy like other antidepressant? i heard it could caused heart rhytym prob/irregularity such as long Qt, AF, palp.
  4. hi i have tachycardia n interested in ivabradine since i have low BP and been on BB but sometimes still get palpitation like couldnt notice the diff / effect im depressed dont know what to do with this messed up body. the doctor doesnt really help. i wonder if ivabradine could be better or more effective for me but its a new drug so im worried and read many negative n positive about it please if anyone has experience/more info about it do share/give input.. i would so very much appreciate it :')
  5. where do you know it from? should anti anxiety drugs makes it calmer. what about people who needs to take it for tachyvardia. that makes me worried if it elevated HR.
  6. thank You for the info. i do already take beta blocker for long. does ssri different than xanax or valium (and such)? i usually get those. but i only take it when i need too cause it can cause dependency and side effect. yes i think maybe i should give article. (though i have some confusion wether i have pots cause from what i read pots patient cant stand up long but i can sometimes although when i stand up i get palpitation, etc) i do ask my doctor if dysautonomia or other cause possible but he seem to brush it off. and think i lack exercise but how can i get palpitation only from change position on bed, sitting, standing. i exercise those activities everyday. i also read it could be adrenaline sensitivity/sympathetic dominance but i dont know where to start to get diagnose. i do try to work on meditation cause hoping it can help me. i do feel traumatized by my sickness. been sick since elementary school. get sent home from school, couldnt keep up with activities, no teenage life. now in myiddle 20 where people around me productively work hard to pursue their future. my body couldnt do the same even have to depend others to help me get somethings done
  7. hmm i also read tht connection of BB, insulin, potassium (says could worsen / caused hyperkalemia). i also have symptoms. if i dont eat for some hours i get jittery, adrenaline rush. n after eat it gets better. but after i eat sugary food i also gets adrenaline rush for hour or more
  8. @momtogiulana: thx for answering. but i dont know where to start feel hopeless. dysautinomia, POTS etc not wide known here. my cardiologist doesnt know about POTS . no one does i guess. so i just went to my doctor again cause my tachycardia and heart feel like jump out of my chest. when im lying on bed. it was around 138bpm. its horrible n i took BB n wait but it didnt come down for long. tortures me breathless, feel like pass out. i record it only with my omron handheld heart monitor n showed it to the doctor but he said the graphic looks ok. n people who run also get elevated HR but im only on bed n since the caused unknown just can assume anxiety and increase the drugs also add anti depressant eventhough i said its not only anxiety. i hate this malfunction taking over my hopeless self.
  9. yeah. especially some food could get me tachycardia palpitation badly. elevated HR >50bpm for hour or more
  10. hello im new here. ive been reading some topics here but i havent posted anything cause i wasnt so sure n desperate anyway, since lately due to my lack of sleep my symptoms got worse i was thinking of posting to get inputs.was dysautonomia causing adrenaline sensitivity? (i heard from some people) like palpitation tachycardia when sleeping, only from changing position on bed. (its very sesitive/weak only from small exertion) i already took BB (from cardiologist) but it still happens like it couldnt block it that much. after sleeping i get like adrenaline rush (jittery, i dont know how to explain) i dont know why anyway i havent diagnose that i have dysautonomia but i get some symptoms of it so im still searching info. back then when i stand up i used to hear blood rush and dizzy and palp, tachy. (lately i dont remember hear the blood rush but the palp and tachy still happens sometimes and dizzy/blackout when im lacking sleep).i also have many digestive problems and food intolerances. (so i watch my diet) i got cramp so easily and muscle sore, weak. i couldnt use my muscle for such as lifting/pushing/arm wrester only for a short it will ache. i also experience sleep apnea sometimes (throat muscle feels closing the airway). and randomly attack where i stop/forgot to automatically breathing in sleep and then get awaken breathless. i get some dizziness after riding an elevator. what confused me is could it be dysautonomia eventhough it didnt happen constantly? (it could get better and worse overtime) i also expect theres maybe a problem with hormonal. already tried hawthorne berry, q10, but still. i also not sure if niacin is any good. i only take it sometimes. i also have calcium magesium vit d supplement but the form isnt so good. i take it sometimes along with omega oil.
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