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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and support. Going to look up autonomic specialist if this doesn't pan out.
  2. Hi I am a long time lurker first time posting. My name is John. I am 43 and I was diagnosed with NCS in December of 2013 after MANY MANY doctor visit. They thought it was vertigo and too many other things to remember. I can’t tell you how many time we changed doctors or went to the neurologist then to cardiologist then back and forth again. At first, and still sometimes, I think I’m going crazy thinking all of this is made up in my head. In December of 2013 I had a tilt table test 70 degrees (yuck). I don’t know what all the numbers mean but just after 15 minutes my HR dropped to 51 and BP started dropping from 112/80 to 84/42 and the sweating started. Then within 23 seconds my HR was 41 and my bp 60/0. <--- I Wish I understood what this really means. Anyway, the report said the test was Positive for type 1 mixed (primary vasodepressor) hemodynamic response. I have no idea what that means to be honest. The doctor put me on a beta-blocker, Metoprolol and loaded me up on sodium and hydrations. More salt and water. This seemed to work for a little while, at least it seemed to slow down the symptoms, dizziness, nausea, fatigue you know the drill. Then out of the blue it started getting worse. I actually started to have syncope issues and they seem to be getting worse. The dr started changing my meds but I feel like they don’t have a clue. So my wife got an appointment at NewYork-Prebsyterian/Weill Cornell. The doctor we are seeing is Dr. George Thomas. He works with Dr. Bruce Lerman. They specialize in clinical cardiac electrophysiology. I cant tell you how many times I have read stories and I know I am not crazy nor alone from all the info shared from this site and forum. Thank you and nice to meet everyone John
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