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  1. What would happen if I had my own children??? My boyfriend and I really wanna have our own kids
  2. No I do not have kids and I'd love to be a mom but now I'm not so sure....
  3. thank you for helping me be positive..... can you have children tho if you already have pots
  4. good luck!! and thanks i wanna live a normal life...are you able to have children with pots?
  5. im sad im so scared like im only 20 ill be 21 tomorrow im not excited for my birthday... i wanna have my normal life back!!! i wanna be okay and not worry i feel like my life is over and ill never get better like i cant be normal
  6. thank you and im in the pittsuburgh pa area... and i do have a pretty good pcp but i have not talked to him about this yet.....
  7. i have not been diagnosed with pots as of now.... i have actually been diagnosed with anxiety but the more i read and hear peoples stories the more i think and worry i have pots to the point where i think about it always and i cry about it..... can anyone give me guidance i know i have been told by some people to get a tilt table test but that is not a reality for me right now with insurance and all
  8. Hey everyone I was wondering what kind of symptoms everyone gets from a day to day basis??
  9. thank you i will... im going to keep a journal for a week about laying vs. sitting and go from there i have been having this for 6 months and my symptoms arent relieved upon sitting or laying ...but ill try that for a week and see what my heart rate is.... but id like to know is pots something that gets worse over time? can you die?
  10. I did have a holter .... So that would not be good way to tell if someone had pots?
  11. thanks...question i had heart tests would any of those give a suspicion to pots?
  12. Thank you I have decided to keep a journal for a week of my heart rate... I will let everyone know the results....
  13. Is this manageable? Can I live normally? Will it get worse over time? Will this eventually kil me?
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