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  1. I am on week 3 of earthing. I am still feeling a complete remission of my adrenal fatigue. Yesterday, however, I really pushed myself too far, I think, on the dysautonomia side of things. I was working on a budget all day with spreadsheets and also filling out numerous insurance forms. (I swear that they make those as difficult as possible, so you don't have the energy to complete the dumb things). At about 5 o'clock, I realized that I had not eaten anything but a banana with almond butter all day, and I had had no hydration. I drank a kombucha tea and stupidly continued working until 9pm. At
  2. I have had ZERO luck with mainstream doctors. I have have been to tens and tens of them to no avail. I find that they lack any inquisitiveness, and if they don't know what it is off the top of their head, they just shrug their shoulders. My best doctors have been holistic doctors (there are many who are M.D.s). They will do tons of tests and try to track down what is wrong. Of course, the problem with them though is that a lot do not take insurance because insurance prohibits them from spending enough time with their patients.
  3. Celery sticks (or fruit if you can tolerate it) with almond butter.
  4. Are you going to the facility in Portland, Oregon that does them? I read about that place on the scdlifestyle dot com website. That's where I would probably go, but it costs $2000-$5000. My husband is starting a business right now, so we don't have the cash to do that right now. I have heard of people doing home made ones, but I just can't get over the ick factor of doing it myself. It's one of the last experimental treatments that I haven't tried, so knowing me, I'll get one sooner or later.
  5. And as to the candida, I'll add that I think candida is a symptom not a cause. Of course, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be treated; it just means I think that candida comes after the failure of the immune system, not before.
  6. My CFIDS doctor who is a virologist (formerly a fellow at Stanford and works with the CDC to study viruses in chronic fatigue like diseases and autism) says that herpes viruses can imbed in your autonomic nervous system. Anyone who has had the following: HSV-1, HSV-2, Chicken Pox, Mono, HHV-6, CMV, Parvovirus-- these viruses never go away once you catch them, and they live in your nervous system. They also hide on B lymphocytes in your immune system. Interestingly, although my CFIDS was in remission last year, my viral levels were through the roof when I developed dysautonomia. I had just had
  7. Do you think you would still have an e-coli infection? Or that it triggered everything? I believe that my Sjogren's was triggered by an infection with Parvovirus. I think my immune system, in reacting to that, went rogue and autoimmune. Of course, I have also read that Sjogren's is closely linked with celiac, so I think that infection and diet contributed Of course, I believe that ALL of my problems are related to the gut. I don't think I got a robust microflora from my mom, even though I was vaginally delivered. Then, I was on antibiotics for so much of my youth that I think I really damaged
  8. I have been trying to do paleo for some time now, and all I do is cook. It's exhausting. It's really unfair that sick people can't eat convenience food, because we are the ones who need the convenience!! ask2266
  9. I could not eat AT ALL when my POTS was at its worst. I got to where I was living on vanilla yogurt, because it was the only thing that I could put in my mouth. I went down to 95 pounds for awhile. What was annoying is I had friends that would say, "I wish I couldn't eat," and I wanted to tell them that it can be a matter of life and death, so quit joking about it. When I went on Remeron for sleep, it increased my apptetite, so it was a life saver.
  10. I have always had anxiety, even before all my health problems. I never had panic attacks or anything like that, but I would get stressed out about stuff very easily. I would freak out in traffic and get frustrated with my husband very easily. I feel like I never handled stress well. After my recent experience with earthing, I now believe that my anxiety has always been caused by maladaptive and malfunctioning adrenal glands. My anxiety has vanished since I started earthing 2 weeks ago. Before this, I always assumed that my anxiety was part of my personality, but now I think my body was physica
  11. Bebe: I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. You deserve to be able to complain and to cry. I hope you will at least allow yourself that. I don't like any of my doctors either. I have been to about 15 different ones in my town for my various conditions. When I told one of my rheumatologists about my chronic fatigue syndrome, he dictated into his notes (I heard him do this) as "quote chornic fatigue syndrome end quote," like it wasn't a real illness and/or I didn't really have it. This is after I had gone out to California to see a chronic fatigue specialist at Stanford who had confirmed my dia
  12. Relax86- I am glad you are giving it a try. I live in Georgia and have no affiliation with earthing. I am a patient, just like you, and I have been sick for a long time. The only reason I even put the cost of the product in my post was so that people would see that it is cheap compared to what we all spend on everything else for our health. I used to get IVS every week that were $200 a piece, so this is cheap by comparison. I am more of the mindset like you-- mainstream medicine offered nothing for me, so I took matters into my own hands. May I ask, what are you still struggling with if your P
  13. Someone has to fund research studies. To be published, the study's authors must prove their results. There is no way to fudge a published research study. I find it interesting that we all take medications made by pharmaceutical companies. All of the studies on these drugs are funded solely by the drug companies, and yet we accept these drugs as being proven to work by science. However, when a treatment is based on a more natural approach, we are concerned about conflicts of interest. I say we because I myself was extremely skeptical about this too, until it worked for me.
  14. I posted this in another CFIDS/POTS forum, and I had someone respond to me with some interesting published research articles. https://www.google.com/search?q=site:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov+earthing|grounding Here is his/her post to me: Thanks for posting your account and experiences of earthing, ask2266. Certainly seems like a spectacular improvement in health. Very interesting that earthing (grounding) your body appeared to improve/cure your postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). There are quite a few studies on PubMed on the physiological effects of earthing the human body. Some rele
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