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  1. Has anyone with POTS been on a cruise successfully and have recommendations? LTC Bill
  2. Has anyone been treated with IVIG ( immunoglobulin via IV) for POTS? There's a (blood) test processed in Germany by Cell Trend that looks for auto-antibody markers to determine if IVIG might be helpful to you. This will help your area POTS MD in administering IVIG. Research was reported by Dr. David Kem, Univ of OK and OK VA. LTC Bill
  3. Thank you Katie, I was hoping the infra red light heating in small doses might work.
  4. Do any members with POTS use infra red heat lights to warm up bathroom (during quick shower/sponge bath)without negative affects? Any benefit of using white vs. red lamps? LTC Bill
  5. Has any POTS patient ever experienced syncope while sitting down in a comfortable room? If so, how did you treat it, did you continue to have some dizziness and headaches for over 24 hours? LTC Bill
  6. Does anyone experience eye strain and headaches primarily when wearing eye glasses, possibly due to POTS? LTC Bill
  7. Thanks for the very helpful input so far re. the rowing machines! LTC Bill
  8. Can any one suggest the type of rowing machine (for home use) that was helpful re. POTS? Also any tips on how to ease into using it?
  9. I'm happy to include you in my morning prayer time tomorrow
  10. Thank you for sharing this! LTC Bill
  11. My breathing problems seem to be during the day time when conversing. It could be 5 minutes or 15 and I become winded and leads to some fatigue. My PCP atributes it to respiratory muscle fatigue. Not sure if I can do anythng about this other than be proactive when possible. I have POTS.
  12. Thanks for feed back re. SOB while talking. The article on breathing is VERY useful and knowing others with POTS expereince this also helps.
  13. Has anyone legally utilized medical marijuana to treat POTS symptomswith success? If so, pros and cons?
  14. Have any members with POTS experienced shortness of breath after talking 10-15 minutes? If so, any suggestions? Thank you!
  15. Thank you for your helpful feedback re. compression stockings and any side affects!
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