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  1. I am on my way in the next few weeks to get fitted for a wheelchair. My symptoms have become disabling at times. I still work and able to walk short distances. I am just hesitant to use it but still really believe that my freedom of taking my dogs for walks, shopping with my wonderful wife, and going out to my favorite trails to hunt are going to be extended.
  2. If you have prescription glasses. I HIGHLY recommend getting a tint called FL-41. I have several migraines a week. I just recently got my new prescription done and I am going on 2 weeks without a single migraine! Life hasn't been this good for such a long time. Just food for thought.
  3. I have been on it since July and take 5mg 3x daily. Started out at first lasting 3 hours, now it has been roughly 2 hours. It does a good job of raising blood pressure, but the crashes for me were at times unbearable. Good luck to you.
  4. I also had the TTT and I must say that is one ride at the amusement park I will skip next time. My legs were sore for a couple days, but got back to an ache after that. I didn't last but only 15 minutes when the doctor ended my torture test. I really hope that things work out for the best of you.
  5. You know you have POTS when your Grandfather ask to borrow one of your canes.
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