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  1. I get that. Typically in afternoon. Things that help me: less caffeine, oral magnesium, aspirin-low dose daily aspirin its essentially erythromelalgia.
  2. My dysautonomia started after starting synthroid for hashimotos.
  3. Maybe it's relaxing your brain and sympathetics with it.
  4. Kitt, Would you mind sharing some of those sleep instructions or tips with us? Thanks
  5. I do crossfit 2-3 times a week mixed with regular bike, recumbent bike, and rowing. It's helped a lot with tachycardia. I don't need meds to be upright . I supposedly have mild classical EDS. My biggest issue is still GI with slow motility and bloating . I have also cut out simple sugars and gluten. I would notice more tachycardia with desserts and sweets. try to eat Lots of protein, cheese, nuts, fruit. Supplements: vit c, coq10, magnesium, vit e, vit d, multi vit, vit b1, vit B5
  6. I hope not. Heavens bound to be infinitely better than this state.
  7. My Tachycardia has dramatically improved with exercise. There are days when tachycardia is non existent. Now , I mainly deal with GI issues- gastroparesis and slow motility-- which improve when I'm Laying down. I still get the skin color changes when upright from pooling. Yes my symptoms have changed. I supposedly have EDS as etiology. I wish it would all go away.
  8. Chiari maybe? Intracranial pressure elevation from fluids and salt? Just thoughts,
  9. Maybe. A 1:80 pattern is weakly positive but not very specific to any one disease process. I also have a 1:80 pattern and it was blown off. Only with higher titers do they run more tests. Maybe it's worth following. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis which could possibly be the etiology as well.
  10. Anyone get burning skin sensations with the dysautonomia?
  11. Who's got it? Did you ever get it to go away. Some say intense exercise helps it. Rama, what's your understanding of it? Blood pooling from vein laxity or intense arterial vasoconstriction?
  12. I'm in this boat too. The big change for me is also working out. I have also had more low dull headaches which may or may not intensify to full blown migraines. Still struggling with slow gut issues. I take multivitamin, vitamin c, b-12, b-1, Vit d, vit e. I also eat coconut oil more
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