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  1. Greetings! I have POTS, and unfortunately don't know much about vasovagal syncope. However, I can say that with POTS, the symptoms are like a sniper on a grassy knoll. They always follow you around and you never know when the symptoms are going to hit you. Even with this analogy, the symptoms change minute by minute. One minute you'll be fine, and the next you'll be having waves of nausea.You just have to take one day (minute by minute) as they come. I hope this helps you.
  2. Well I don't think I've fully tackled it, I think my body just got used to it (after much groaning and complaining).
  3. I read and heard a lot of people talking about flare ups. But, I don't think I've ever had one. So, What are the signs or symptoms of one?
  4. I've noticed that when I (can and) do sun salutations, or Hatha yoga; I feel loads better! I was told by my cardiologist, to loose some weight (as I have sleep apnea as well, this was just recently discovered). I have never had weight issues before, but I started out gentle and slow. I find it works, but there again, I need to loose lbs. I am looking into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and was wondering if anyone has done this, and their results.
  5. I am so happy for you! Please keep us up to date, on your progress!
  6. Thank you all for your advice! I worked up to it, and it took some time, but now; I am proud to report that I am able to walk my kid to school! It takes me about 15 - 20 minutes (2 - 3 times longer, than it does my brother in law), but I can do it!!! Now, my pots just has to co-operate, because (like everyone here) I still have my good days and bad days. Its on my bad days, that my brother in law, will take my kiddo to school. But, non the less, I can do it!
  7. I know a lot of you may not have the ability to do this, but as far as skincare goes, I make my own. When, and only when I feel up to it. It doesn't take long, and the results are FABULOUS!
  8. I like LUNA bars myself (though some can be messy because of the chocolate)
  9. Thanks for mentioning those, I didn't see purple limbs either. Oh purple limbs, how I hate you!
  10. Thank you so much for posting this, it really does help me see, that YES I'm normal (as far as POTS is concerned). And, NO, I aint crazy in the head!
  11. That's a BIG FAT YES, for me! I remember after working out, my heart rate was in the 200's. And man oh man, did I feel sick!
  12. Thanks for this, I will definitely put it to use, to make people more aware of pots. I was wondering, does pots awareness month have a ribbon color? For example, people who want to bring more awareness to say breast cancer (this was the only one I could really think of), they wear a pink ribbon. I hope I am making sense..
  13. Does anyone else also suffer from joint discomfort, or is it just me?

  14. I just sent you a pic, but forgot to add a subject in the subject line of my email. However, I hope my pic helps you.
  15. No Offense, but for a woman, I was insanely strong before pots. Now, there are days where I have to have my husband open a jar! I am very stubborn and don't like asking for help, but having pots has made me realize that now I need to. I don't have to, I NEED to. Regardless I want to start getting strong again and doc wants me to loose 10 lbs. Doc wants me to do cardio, but I know I can't. Its not because I don't want to or that I have not tried, I have. I just physically have never been able to do it. So, based on this, what would ya'll recommend I try?
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