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Psalm 23

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    Interests/Activities I am still able to engage in: Bible Study, Spending time with family and friends, Playing the piano, Reading, Light gardening, Scrabble, Bird watching, Attending concerts, Picnics, Short walks. Activities I am hoping to return to: Snow skiing, Tennis, Long Walks, Horseback riding( I used to jump ), Bicycling, Serious Gardening, Nursing(Labor and Delivery), Volunteering.

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About Me

Hi. My name is Janet.

I have a very long and complex medical history.

I started developing symptoms of dysautonomia though in 1992 after having aseptic meningitis ( probably viral ). Over the years I continued to accumulate more symptoms and an increase in severity of symptoms which I could mostly push through until the severity of my symptoms finally caught up with me and on Sept. 23rd 2005 ( a day I will never forget ) I collapsed at work for the last time ( I'm an RN ) Since then I have been in search of my old life or part of my old life. The search continues. I am determined to remain an optimist.

Diagnoses; (1999) Lupus, Abnormal echocardiogram (2005) CFS (2006) PoTS, Chronic ECG abnormality (2007) Fibromyalgia (2008) Raynauds, Degenerative Disk Disease, Lupus and Fibromyalgia rediagnosed ( 2009 ) CFS/ME rediagnosed (2010) IBS, Microscopic Colitis, Gastroparesis (2011) PoTS rediagnosed (hyperadrenergic response NE supine 1236 standing 2922, Dopamine 56 ), Autonomic Neuropathy (cardiovagal and sudomotor), Esophageal Dysmotility (hypocontracting, ineffective), Muscle tension dysphonia (2012) Bilateral mild carpal tunnal, mild right ulnar neuropathy (2013) Severe Sleep Apnea, Mitral valve regurgitation (2014) Lupus diagnosis cancelled, Rosacea, Small fiber neuropathy, MCAD, EDS/HM, Neuropathic PoTS with a hyperadrenergic component, Autonomic neuropathy. Calcium Channel Binding N- Type antibodies, Eosinoplilia, Anemia, ( 2015) Autoimmune autonomic neuropathy, Osteopenia, VSD ( 2016 ) Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Medications; Clonidine 0.05mg HS, Pyridostigmine 60mg Tid, Neurontin 300mg Tid, Imuran 50mg Bid, Pepsid 40mg, Allegra 180mg Bid, Zyrtec10mg Bid, Cromolyn Sodium Oral Solution 400mg Qid, Cromolyn Sodium Nasal Solution Qid, Aspirin 325mg Bid, Zofran 4mg prn, Adderall 10mg Bid prn

IVIG ( Privigen )


Vitamins/Supplements; Calcium, Magnesium, D3, E, C ( slow release ), Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg, Complex B, Multivitamin, Quercetin 500mg, Ocuvite

Diet; Anti-Inflammatory, Gluten Free, Mostly Vegetarian (sm. amt. poultry breast & fish), Low fat, Small Meals and as organic as possible.

Other Helps; Salt/Fluid, Abdominal Binder, Tall Padded Stool, Exercise (30-40 min. daily walks), Leg and Abd. Strengthening Exercises, Being Proactive, Setting Realistic Goals, Pacing Activities, Lidoderm Patch 5%. Kenalog cream 0.1%, Mirvaso Gel, APAP.

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