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  1. Thanks for replying to my post. I think it is awesome to find men like ours. I too feel so guilty at times that I can't help but cry to see him work all day and come home to cook supper or do dishes. He always says that it doesn't bother him but, I wonder if he will ever get tired of it. I have 4 childern (6 on the weekends), my older two (14 & 9) understand that mommy is sick, it doesn't make them want to help me more though, my babies are 3 & 2, they are always asking me if my back hurts or if i'm sick. I hate knowing that I could be playing in the snow with or just plain playing. I have no energy for anything. Having them sit on my lap even hurts, I have to push them down to the end of my legs so that they don't touch my stomach. Anyway, I have done enough complaining. I am so thankful that there is people like me out there that understand exactly what I feel. God give us strength to get through all the rough times.
  2. I know that I haven't written in a long time so I thought I would update things (really need someone to talk to). I am still having problems with the POTS, can't seem to get on the right medication. One will keep my pulse rate down but lowers my bp, the others cause to many side effects. My recent tests done shows that my uterus is the size of a grapefruit and there is 2 growths on my left ovary. I see a OBGYN next thursday to find out what they are and why. I have so much pain in my pelvic area as if my uterus is falling out. My back is constant pins and needles. I am down to 124lbs and being 6 feet tall I look sick. I can't sleep, eat, sit for long periods or stand. I feel like all I do is complain and someday my loved ones will get tired of seeing me this way. I try to hide all the pain, but I know you can see it on me. I still have shakes and get dizzy all day. Headaches in the morning and trying to not fall asleep during the day cause of my children. My husband takes good care of me, but I'm sure he is tired of hearing me complain, thats why I have turned to you. Thanks for listening. Sommer
  3. I have been taking Midodrine for a month now and the last 4 days I have woken up with tremors in my whole body. I caled my Cardiologist and he lowered my meds. I woke up this morning with them again before I even took my med. I think maybe this is a new symptom or something other than a reaction to midodrine. Has anyone here had these from this med. Or should I be more concerned about my shakes? They are lasting all day.
  4. Dr Grubb has a new partner that you can get into see within a month. His name is Dr Kanjwal. He is very good. Tell your Dr to try him.
  5. It has been very chalanging at times with my kids. My 13 yr old refuses to except that her mom has problems, wants me to do more than I can, my 7yr old boy I think understands more than she does, helps me out with his baby sisters. The 2yr old well, shes 2, into everything, picking on the baby, ect. My husband is the greatest, works all day, comes home and cooks supper, cleans the house, it makes me feel guilty though. He is always telling me I worry to much. Thanks or the link I'm sure it will help lots.
  6. Thank you all for replying. I am so scared of taking new meds. I always seem to have some kind of bad reaction. I have also heard that this med will make you not have an appitiete. This is not good or me as am y 134 lbs and 6' tall, POTS has made me lose 40 lbs in 6mths and I cant afford to lose anymore. My baby is 11mths and only nurses when she is ready to go to sleep. I want to stop nursing but I am having such a hard time with her. She still wakes 2-3 times a night and always wants to nurse. With me not able to sleep to begin with I give it to her. I also don't want to wake up the other kids with her crying. She does understand when I say "I took my medicine" though, she screams. Dr Kanjwal, who is Dr Grubbs partner, knew I was nursing and said as long as I only nurse in the night it would be okay, but this stuff is an XR doesnt that mean all day and night? My pediatrician doesnt want her to be nursing with this. I don't know if I can handle the stress of stopping her from nursing. Any suggestions? How about quiting smoking too? Do you know not a single doctor has told me to quit? What's up with that? I want to quit though and can't seem to. Cold turkey is what my Dad says. With four kids, 2 still in diapers, I am having a terrible time. Thanks again for everything.
  7. My doctor has put me on Adderall and Toperall XR. I am having such a hard time getting this from my pharmacy. Is this a sign that I shouldn't take this stuff? Isn't Adderall highly addictive? I nurse my baby, is this going to hurt her? Is anyone else on this med and how does it effect you? I'm already on Midodrine and this screws with me all day. I would appreciate the info if you have any.
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