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  1. My sister doesn't even ask. I've felt bad about that in the past, but maybe that is better than constantly getting unsolicited advice! Family, can't live with them, can't live without them.
  2. It is great that drs took you seriously and kept you in the hospital. I hope you find the right combination of meds.
  3. You may want to google leaky gut or read old posts here. It is a controrversial diagnosis.
  4. I can't do cardio due to POTS. Yoga has been great for me, but it is not as effective for weightloss.
  5. Such good advice here about patience and timing of the dose. For the first week I had leaden feet (meaning it felt like I had 30 lb weights attached to my feet and I could barely lift them off the ground)! But it got much better over time. If fatigue is your worst side effect, that isn't so bad, lol! You should also pay attention to your BP, b/c if the beta is lowering it too much that will make you extra tired.
  6. I just wanted to report back that my original appointment was canceled, but I tried this treatment this evening. I loved it! The chamber was more like a bag with a zipper. There was a lot of room in there - I didn't feel claustrophblic like in an MRI. I felt some popping in my ears and some pressure in my lungs, but otherwise felt fine. I feel much more alert, energetic and relaxed now. I will see how I feel after a few days, but will probably go back again.
  7. I think they could do a lot. For example, they could seat you up front and/or you could be one of the first people to walk across the stage so that you could go home if you weren't feeling well after. My guess is that they will have some ideas for you. Let us know what they say I would sign up and see how you feel on the day of. Also, try not to worry too much about it. I have done that so many times (with travel, interviews, and other things.). The truth is I have survived every time and usually come through much better than I had imagined, usually with flying colors You can worry about t
  8. Can they give you special accomodations?
  9. I don't believe the suggested protocols fit everyone. Any exercise with POTS can be challenging. I pushed myself to do a bike for many months several years back and try it every now and then. The bike does help, but it was not a miraculous cure for me. It is better for losing weight, but I've found the side effects and flare ups really painful. My main exercise has been yoga for the past several years, which is a much better fit for me.
  10. Would you consider taking time off of school? Or reducing your schedule? I think schools have to accommodate people with disabilities, so maybe you can work something out. I did this with my job - which was very prestigious, but taxing, and was the best thing I could have ever done. After 2 years of working I reduced my hours to 80% then when that didn't work I took 1 1/2 years off. I was using a ton of mental and physical energy to make it through each day; That same energy I used to take care of myself. Believe it or not I have been back at work for 5 years. The work/school will be t
  11. I know that this topic has come up before, but not sure anyone here has tried hyperbaric oxygen. There is a place near me that is offering a new year's special, so I've made an appointment to try it tomorrow. I have an oxygen concentrator at home which I use sometimes, and is mildly helpful, but this should be more intense. I am not expecting any great changes one way or the other, but will report back. The special is for a few weeks, so I would consider going back if it helps. The place also offers pulsation treatment (the thing where they attach cuffs to your legs which pump blood throu
  12. some of these could be POTS symptoms. do you have any other conditions? are yout taking any medications? (could be side effects)
  13. I could really relate to this article and the emotional aspects of having a chronic illness. So interesting how she brought her condition into remission with her diet (but it eventually came back). http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/01/living/psoriasis-cnn-anchor-zain-verjee/
  14. 10 g of salt or 10 g of sodium? 10 g of salt is much easier (and sounds more like what a dr would prescribe)...
  15. I do yoga and do a lot plank poses. Cardio triggers my POTS more than any other exercise, but I think it depends on the person. The longest yoga class I do is 1 1/2 hrs, and that includes warm up and cool down. Did you overdo the exercise?
  16. If your BP and/or HR aren't normal, that is likely linked to (or causing) the feeling in your head. Getting them in line may make you feel a lot better. The mechanisms are so complicated and it's hard to know what meds will work until you actually try them. With beta blockers, sometimes you have to try a few different ones before you find one that works. You can also take a beta with a BP boosting drug like midodrine or florinef (or just wear strong compression hose) if the beta is lowering your BP too much. An SSRI (Paxil) helped me keep up my BP. Not saying that any of these are the
  17. gjensen, POTS/dysautonomia results in lower blood flow to the brain and the main objective of virtually every POTS treatment is to increase blood flow to the brain. I am not sure I understand your high/lpw blood pressure issue. Do you sometimes have high BP when standing and other times low? Or is it high for a few minutes then becomes low and stays low? If you have tachycardia and high BP, you could discuss a beta blocker with your dr.
  18. I would consider even $50/month a lot cheaper because that amounts to $600/year. I live in one of the most expensive states of health insurance and mine is less than half of what I was paying before, several hundred dollars cheaper.
  19. I work as a consultant, so have to buy my own health insurance. I didn't qualify for aid either, but you can still buy healthcare from the healthcare.gov website even if you don't qualify and it is a LOT cheaper..
  20. Thanks everyone. I think my pulse was too fast/light for me to feel, not too slow. Low HR is not an issue for me, lol!! I was checking both wrists. I had better luck with the right wrist, but still wasn't getting a consistent pulse. I tried my neck too, but have never checked my pulse that way before (heard it can make you pass out), so didn't know where to look lol. I think I was just panicking which made things worse. (But don't get me wrong, I have had much worse episodes; I knew I still had a pulse, but just freaked out about not being able to measure.)
  21. I went up some stairs in the store (on my phone and didn't remember to go slow), which triggered a POTS episode; an episode like this is pretty rare for me these days. I took my pulse and it felt very fast (though I didn't count, probably around 140-150). I decided to finish my errand and there were three or 4 times during the 10 mins that I couldn't feel a pulse at all. It was freaky and of course happened at the worst moment. Has this happened to any of you before? This is a first for me in 10 years of having POTS and obsessively checking my pulse for the first 2.
  22. Hope you are feeling better today. I can't imagine having your body temp so low. People get cold when they have a fever, so maybe feeling warm is the opposite effect when your body temp is low. Can you make it to the dr during the day? That might be better than the ER.
  23. Flu can be mild, but I agree that if were anything more than mild, you'd just know. I'd be most worried about / stomach symptoms, as you can get dehydrated.
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