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  1. I don't have severe pooling. I wear compression only during a flare up. The recovery tights I can wear under my clothing even on good days and tehy give me an extra boost. I have active zoot tights which I wear for yoga. They are not as comfy as regular yoga pants, but not really uncomfortable either. I want to try Skins and a couple of other brands to see how they compare to the Zoot. If only they were cheaper!
  2. You could also be allergic to something you touched outside - pollen, etc.
  3. Kjay, I don't feel any difference with compression socks. I can't wear waist high compression, so the thigh high works best for me. I also wear an abdominal binder (vedette shapewear, which is stronger than spanx). Spanx doesn't do enough for my POTS or my gut! But frankly I prefer my Zoot recovery tights to the comrpression hose. I read about Zoot on a Facebook dysautonomia group. Zoots are kind of bulky, though. Maybe that's why they work. Thanks for the tip about Skins. I guess I should not bother with them unless I can find them on super clearance. .
  4. I think some of them are labeled with the amount of compression, maybe around 15-20. Maybe it's in my head, but they more effective than compression hose.
  5. Wondering whether anyone here has tried sports compression wear to see how it compares to compression stockings? I'm talking about products like these. I have the Zoot CRX tights, both active and recovery. I think they are more comfortable than compression hose and work just as well (if not better, because I feel like wearing them longer). I am curious to try some other brands. They are just as expensive as Juzo, etc, and not covered by insurance either! I got mine on clearance and can hopefully do the same again, but would appreciate recommendations. There are also compression tops. I am
  6. Yes, it is normal for BP to drop at night. Mine drops as low as yours and I was told it was in the acceptable range, but I don't feel sick. I'd ask your dr I if the numbers are too low. At my sickest I would drink a big cup of broth and a couple of glasses of water before bed, which helped with my nighttime BP.
  7. Instead of Atkins, could you try something like South Beach (low carb, not no carb)?
  8. It is wonderful that you made it through, and even more wonderful that used your limited energy to help someone else. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Ana, that is awesome. I do lots of aerial yoga! I find it easier than regular yoga because of the inversions. The silks class is harder but still much easier for me than doing any kind of cardio. I am actually pretty happy with my life with POTS. But there is still a list of things I'd like to do: -workout on the elliptical -run a marathon -enjoy more wine -sleep less -become a yoga instructor -travel to remote/rural places -learn how to ski -and yes, maybe even take a more challenging job!
  10. Grapes, even though you have provided links, I tend to agree with Katybug. MVP is extremely common - I've heard that 1 in 5 women have it, and I am sure many with dysautonomia have MVP because we are women (and MVP can contribute to dysautonomia). But it is not the other way around -- most people with MVP do not have dysautonomia in the same sense as those with a condition like POTS, NCS, orthostatic hypotension, etc, where heart rate or blood pressure is affected by postural changes.
  11. Even if you aren't taking any new medications, what medications are you on? There are many reasons for edema. I would get to the doctor as soon as you can.
  12. Yes, when my POTS was at its worst I would have headaches for days after exercise. For me it is a very unique, dull kind of headache that I only get from POTS. I think it is because my body is not able to maintain blood pressure during exercise. My heart beats too fast to compensate for this, and then never calms down. It sometimes takes days to get back to my baseline. I have posted about this before and actually I don't remember too many others posting about the headaches for days. To better tolerate cardio it helps me when I warm up an cool down (sometimes lying on the floor for 10-20 min
  13. I also have trouble after eating. Have you tried very small meals?
  14. I've heard 8-10 glasses of water recommended for healthy people. If you are otherwise healthy, drinking that amount shouldn't be washing out your electrolytes; going way above that could. If you think water is messing with your fluid balance, you could try an electrolyte drink instead. You could also look into getting your kidneys tested.
  15. If you felt better over a few day period, it could have been the water intake or something else you were doing. it is really hard to know, Salt and water are recommended because a lot of POTS patients have low BP and/or low blood volume. Salt makes the body retain more fluid and when you drink more water after having salt, your BP and blood volume can increase. If you have high BP, instead of low BP, this may not be the right path for you. I would talk to your doctor to confirm.
  16. I tried a hyperbaric oxygen recently. I had posted about it at the time and also looked into old posts on the forum. I felt better after the treatment. I didn't go back because it is expensive and takes a lot of time They place where they have the treatments is out of the way. The worker at the place said she does it every day and it has changed her life - improved her skin, sleep, given her energy and made her more relaxed.
  17. I think some of the others are right. Biking tends to be more of a strenuous exercise than walking. You get the benefit of being seated, but it may be too challenging of an exercise for your body. If you tried to run (as opposed to walk) you may find that even more difficult than biking because it is in the standing position. I have had much more success using forms of exercise that are not vertical and don't focus on increasing the heart rate: yoga, pilates, walking, stretching. My HR increases too much when I do cardio and sometimes it takes days to calm down. The POTS cardio exercise
  18. It depends on how much compression you need. I think the medical compression garments (especially the high compression ones) can be more powerful than the sports ones.
  19. can you lie down in the car? or maybe it's better to go inside and sit down?
  20. If your doctors are reluctant to prescribe any sleep medicine, I would check with them before trying any over the counter medicine too. I think it is very hard to fall asleep with low BP. I have had this too. BP drops even more during sleep so her body may be fighting letting it get lower. I hope she is able to figure out a way to increase her BP and feel better soon.
  21. As landlords you just owe them your rent, which I assume you pay. You shouldn't need to do anything extra. You can still be polite and friendly if they aren't but just say no!
  22. What about ambien? That is the only sleep med that works for me! S
  23. How about sending them a polite email that you won't be able to watch their animals anymore, at least until your health stabilizes? or that you will need more notice in the future so that you can consider whether it is something you can take on? Rather than spending so much effort on others that don't reciprocate or appreciate, you could rest or do something to improve your health or do something for someone who DOES appreciate. These people don't sound like they deserve you!
  24. By the way, most soy sauce has gluten in it....and rice is a carb and carbs usually don't help POTS much, Despite the carbs I find i feel much better. That's why I think it's the sodium in the soy sauce. One tbsp of regular soy sauce can have 900mg of sodium, which is an obscene amount.
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