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  1. If you got paperwork from them, there is usually a main doctor that is in charge of you while you are there. Maybe try calling him? My guess is that they don't want you to taper off meds - if they did, they usually tell you. I never understood because meds affect your test results.
  2. I think sleepaids are definitely worth a try. I went thru a stint of 2 weeks when I didn't sleep a few years ago. And since then I went to the dr and got Ambien. 1/4 pill does the trick for me and I only need it sometimes. No hangover from such a small dose. Bendryl (which is what's in most OTC sleep aids) works for me, but it takes a while to kick in. If I take it at 8 then I will fall asleep at midnight. Getting a full night's sleep makes a huge difference in how you are feeling.
  3. BTW, even though there's room for improvement , I've gotten much better over the years...I had to learn to pick up for roomates and work and b/c I realized I was wasting WAY too much time looking for lost stuff...so there is definitely hope!
  4. I'm not a parent, but my mom spoiled me and never made me do housework. My sister inherited the cleanliness gene and I didn't. She started folding her clothes at age 2 and wouldn't let anyone else do it. I, on the other hand, unfortunately to this day leave my stuff all over the place - though luckily my mess is all papers and clothes. Food/germs/smells I can't deal with...I clean/disinfect obsessively b/c I'm a female! I now joke with my mom that she should've been better about making me clean. Your son is smart for finding a loophole in your rule. You can make it tighter - maybe ch
  5. You could maybe start really slow and build. Try 5 mins and don't do anything that looks like it might aggravate your symptoms. I really like the DVD AM/PM Stretch for Health. It has yoga stretches, many of which are seated/lying. Also, you could try restorative yoga - where you use pillows and blankets to support you in the poses. Feel free to pm me if you have questions about specific exercises.
  6. Icthus - that is a yoga stretch too - though you don't hold it that long. Even though it's "too cold to move", it's important to keep moving to keep the blood circulating. I can't say enough good things about what yoga/stretching have done for me. A lot of it can be done lying down and does not require much energy.
  7. Yes, I am freezing. I'm also tapering off my SSRI which affects body temp and is adding to things. I am using lots of blankets and my microwave aromatherapy pack to warm up...and my new super heating pad, which is coming in handy. Spring can't come soon enough!
  8. I've had this once - the very first week I had POTS. I think I was very run down, dehydrated and my electrolytes were off. Perhaps not enough blood to the brain. Definitely go to the doc, though. What you have may be different.
  9. If it's hypoxia, I wonder why they don't give us oxygen as a treatment? OK, most of us probably don't have to be hooked up to it - maybe occasionally or something? I know in ski areas they have oxygen rooms - and that's what helped my friend with her altitude sickness. Maybe there are side effects or it's too expensive? I always wondered this about saline too. I had it once, after my first TTT and felt instantaneously better...and then when I got super sick again I asked for it and it seemed impossible to get without going to the ER. It seemed like more of a red tape issue than anything
  10. Has Mack been tested for low blood volume? It's interesting that his results came out that way because many of us have low BV or symptoms that mimic it. And symptoms similar to altitude sickness too. My friend got bad altitude sickness in Colorado and said it reminded her of me and my POTS! In either case not enough oxygen getting to the brain, but how to fix it? My blood work is always "normal". It's interesting that something showed up here. I hope that looking into this brings you some answers and more/better treatment.
  11. I agree with Poohbear. I think seniors (I'm not one, but have family members who are ) have Medicare as first insurance and supplemental as secondary. So the doc may just be confused. Can you talk the person in her office who handles the claims? Maybe they would understand the insurance rules better. There may be reasons why this doc doesn't want to deal with Medicare (or even the possibility of Medicare). Even if you submit claims on your own, the doc has to fill out some forms for you, which she may not want to do. Or she may have had problems with them in the past. I know very littl
  12. Atenolol was fabulous for me. I think I started out on too much, though, and later figured out a baby dose was enough...we're talking 1/2, 1/4 or even 1/8. Now I just take it as needed. It's great you're taking florinef to help support you BP while you're on it. Good luck - hope it works for you!
  13. I dunno. I have read that beta blockers work for at least 1/2 of POTS patients. I have seen similar stats for SSRIs. But what does it mean to "work". There probably isn't any treatment to "fix" POTS the way Advil knocks out headaches. But there are lots of meds that help people function better. I think that there are many different reasons people don't take meds. Some are scarred because they tried many meds that didn't work --and who can blame them! Others prefer the idea of supplements or more natural treatments. In my mind, I think of anything that I put in my body as the same. The
  14. Can you talk to some people working in your particular field and find out what qualifications you need? I graduated from college years ago and did lots of "extras". Looking back, many of those extras were not necessary to be sucessful in my career. And they took a lot out of me, where I could have been dating, socializing, or just plain relaxing. This was all when I was healthy! Since getting POTS, I try to find the simplest path. Three majors and an extra year sounds like a lot of work, which you should think about carefully. And there aren't too many fields which would require that. Yo
  15. When I first got sick the smell of bleach or any kind of cleaner would make me sick...nausea, headaches, POTS flare up. Those allergy face masks or a towel over my nose helped a little. I switched to all natural cleaners a while ago which have a milder smell. I hope you can convince her to go back to the old cleaner!
  16. Has your son tried dietary changes like giving up gluten and lactose? That may help with the nausea.
  17. Glad to hear that neither of you had a bad reaction. It's funny how the news stations were obsessed with H1N1 for months and now you barely hear about it anymore...
  18. Hi. I know a bunch of people were thinking about getting the H1N1. Did anyone go through with it? Did you have any reactions with POTS or otherwise? Would love to hear your stories. Several of my relatives got it and they are all fine, without any reaction. I did hear of one person's 3 yr old daughter getting sick. I'm thinking of getting it now. I got an email saying that it is available in many Walgreens.
  19. When I first got POTS, my dr. told me my constant dizziness couldn't be caused by POTS. I went to an ear dr and they diagnosed me with a probable inner ear condition. I went to rehab for 3 months, did all these crazy exercises for eyesight and balance and was actually feeling better. Then the dizziness came back in full force. That's when the drs figured out it was POTS and not my ear. I was constantly dizzy for the first year or two of my POTS and had trouble walking just form the dizziness. I practiced walking a lot. The dizziness went away after a while and now I just get it once in
  20. I like the idea of a yahoo group or email. I think the thread on the chit chat forum will get too long and be hard to read. I feel like in the regular forum a lot of good questions and ideas get lost in longer threads. Or maybe we could break up into subgroups based upon our preferred method of communication. Anyway, whatever you all decide, count me in! I am very excited about an exercise support group!
  21. Great idea - count me in! I need to get motivated to get back into exercise/yoga starting in Jan. Maybe we could do our own Facebook group or email list? I'm on email more than the forum...
  22. I was really surprised when I saw this post, b/c I think few, if any, drugs are FDA approved for POTS. Unforutnately, drug cos don't have much of an incentive to spend the time and money getting approval for such a rare, little known condition. I believe most of the treatments in the US are off-label, meaning docs prescribe them for POTS even though they were FDA approved for something else. Wikipedia can be hit or miss b/c anyone can go on there and edit info... so I checked the website of Novartis, the mrfr of Ritalin. Ritalin is FDA approved for ADHD. It doesn't say anything about d
  23. One is an echocardiogram, the other is an electrocardiogram. I think it's the electro that they take every time I go to the cardio's office and the echo which is done rarely, every few years. But maybe I am getting that confused and/or using the wrong abbreviations!
  24. Yes, I have terrible dark circles - but I barely know anyone who doesn't complain about this! Thank goodness for undereye concealer, lol!!
  25. Laura, don't be embarassed. I always get confused too! Flop, can you explain the difference between ECG and EKG? I thought EKG was the one with the leads and the ECG was the one where they put goo all over your chest and look at your heart structure? But maybe I have it backward?
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