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  1. Oh yes. But it's one of the many symptoms I've learned to deal with over the years. The first year was the worst, because no matter what anyone told me, I was just sure I was dying. Deep breathing and visualization help. And just keep telling yourself that you will be ok, it's not 'really' your heart. Hang in there. You are not alone.
  2. How I wish we had an organic store to buy from! Try to get as much as I can in local stores, and have a small garden.
  3. I started exercising again after going to Mayo. Dr Goodman convinced me to really push through the rough stuff, and not give up. I had been going to PT for 2 months prior to mayo-twice a week. He said that was not enough. He felt exercise had to be a daily thing. So we got a recumbent bike for home. The results have been encouraging. I am no longer passing out after 5-10 min. I have worked up to 3-5 miles, and 15-20 minutes daily, and am able to do a resistance level 3. It may not seem like much, but for me it's a huge improvement. I have a long way to go, but am hopeful.
  4. I went through this a few years ago and had the same type of questions. I got mine and I think you most likely will too. Wishing you the best. I know how stressful it is!
  5. """ You know all the bill collectors number by heart, you answer the phone as mr. Patel and mess with them for entertainment to break the boredom. """. Ok that one really made me laugh!
  6. When I first became symptomatic, before POTS diagnosis, I was told I needed ablation. I was in the Az Heart hosp. During EP study it was found that I had sinus tachycardia. The Drs there said they do not do ablation when the problem is in the sinus node as is creates more problems, can even cause fatal event. Same with pace maker, they said 50/50 as to makeing it thru surgery. Not odds any of us willing to take. Sorry you are going through so much.
  7. Thank you for bringing these posts back! I need all the info I can get before Mayo appt next wk.
  8. Thanks Spinner, I am hoping Mayo can give me some answers. Your ideas are interesting...1-3,5-7, would need looking into. 4&8 are things I try to avoid.
  9. Angela, may I ask how this was dx'd. Is there something specific I can ask my Dr to do? I feel so bad when this happens. This is the one thing that REALLY scares me.
  10. I love to read, make jewelry( beading)and do puzzles. I also spend a lot of time on the computer or I-pad. Every year I try to put in a small garden. This is one of the most therapeutic thing I have found. It is sooo rewarding to see and eat the fruits of your labor. I play the guitar. And play cards and board games with family.
  11. I'm not on bb either, but have this problem also. This symptom started for me about a year ago. I do not have it all the time,and can not seem to find what triggers it. I feel as if I can't get enough air into my lungs. Talking is very difficult, can only say a few words before gasping for air. It feels like someone is squeezing my throat, while pressing on my chest. Thankfully it's not happening all the time!
  12. Hi. New to this posting thing, but soooo relieved to know there is so many out there like myself. I was diagnosed with POTS 5yrs ago. Have had so many other problems, and not until 2 wks ago did I hear the word dysautonomia. My Dr wants me to go to Mayo in Az. Has anyone been? How did it go?

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