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  1. I take Histame for the DAO deficiency, which is DAO in pill form. It helped a lot when I first got histamine intolerance, and with the low histamine diet too I've mostly got it under control - except when I have to have a medical procedure involving drugs. I only take the Histame a few times a week now, but am still on the diet. Have also just started Betaine supplements as I also have hypochlorydia - think this will help the whole gut balance too.
  2. Thanks all for your info. I'm not on any medication at all, and haven't been either. Am hoping that tackling the Lyme will tackle the dysautonomia eventually. I became very sensitive to everything I ate after an allergic reaction to antibiotics, including vitamin supplements, painkillers and probiotics. Discovered this was due to histamine intolerance, as the antibiotic had killed off all my DAO (diamine oxidase). Am slowly rebuilding my gut, histamine tolerance gradually improving, but would have expected my body to be hyper-sensitive to the sedative (which was a valium-based infusion), not t
  3. I had to have an endoscopy recently to investigate my 2 stone weight loss. I opted for the sedative as this worked a treat 4 years ago when I was tested for coeliac disease. However, since then I have developed dysautonomia as my Lyme got worse, and this time round the sedative had absolutely no effect on me at all. They gave me 3 doses and I was still wide awake, so they had to just get on with me still conscious. It was all quite ghastly. But i don't really understand the mechanism which stopped the sedative from working, can anyone explain? Is it brain dysfunction?
  4. I'm in the UK, so trying to get Lyme diagnosed was next to impossible.
  5. I'm being tested for Mast cell disorder soon. currently I have Lyme, mild POTS, histamine intolerance and a dodgy thyroid. Since you posted years ago, I wonder how you are getting om?
  6. My Lyme doctor says I have a form of dysautonomia caused by the nerve endings in my stomach overreacting to what I eat; this is the cause of my multiple allergies and food intolerances. Anyone recognise this? It's not something Prof Mathias tested me for, so she's going to do more tests.
  7. Well, I'm already on a strict candida diet, eat no sugar at all, nor starchy foods, am GF and DF and yeast-free. But I can't take probiotics, as they give me uncontrollable shaking fits. I tried some natural probiotic goats yoghurt, which was ok for two days, then that too started the shaking. If I can't take probiotics, seems that all I can do is the diet. Can't have fermented veg as I'm histamine intolerant. Ever met a worse case of no-hoper?? BTW, I've lost 20lbs since christmas due to this, and I'm begining too look like a stick. A bent over, aged stick. :-(
  8. Do you have lyme? Yes, I do! Did you have lyme? Still got it. When were you diagnosed and who did it (pcp, llmd, etc)? 4 years ill, then diagnosis, 2 years treatment, 2 years getting worse. Total 8 years. Found a private, non-NHS LLMD who is sadly no longer treating Lyme. Did you have symptoms for long prior to diagnosis? 4 years. Sent from pillar to post, told we don't have Lyme in the UK. misdiagnosed with a host other stuff I didn't have. Did you see the tick? Bulls eye rash? Not bitten by a tick, I was infected by biting deer fly two years running. Saw them bite me, saw the bullseye rash
  9. I have been diagnosed with Candida, but also have drug sensitivity. My doctor has advised me not to take anti fungals because I will react to it. I'm to have low dose immunotherapy to tackle the sensitivities, but in the meantime can't take anything for the candida. Has anyone else been in this situation? I've put myself on a very strict anti-candida diet, and use coconut oil, but still have a bad sore throat. Will the diet alone resolve it enough for it not to become systemic? I don't think I've had it for more than 6 months or so, in the gut, but only this week got oral candida. My immune sy
  10. That's a lot of positive bands, looks like you definitely have Lyme, from what I understand. Suggest you see a Lyme-literate doctor ASAP. I don't rely on anything a non-LLMD tells me, and I ignore any advice from IDSA website, ILADS is the one to go with, IMO. You'll discover that Lyme is a very contraversial illness, but if you're in US there are plenty of specialists. Here in the UK we don't have any. Still struggling with Lyme myself. Good luck.
  11. Are there any painkillers you can take if you have histamine intolerance? I've had a constant occipital headache for 10 days now. All I eat is low histamine veg, gluten-free pasta or rice, chicken or white fish. Saw Prof Mathiass on thursday, who was very nice, very attentive. He's writing to my GP with a list of recommended tests, but thinks I have some form of dysautonomia plus a definite histamine problem (as I had guessed).
  12. No, no MSG (gives me migraine so I haven't had it since I was about 17 - which is 33 years ago!), never have anything with asparatame either. No corticol test either. I thought leaky gut likely, have been eating gut-healing cruciferous veg and low-fat protein only for over two weeks and am beginning to feel better - stomach pains better this week. Appt with Dr Mathias on thursday!
  13. Me too to all of this. When I'm hungry I have the occipital pressure, very very jittery, light-headed, trembling thing. Not like I used to have in the old 'normal' days but far far worse. Then, when I eat, I feel worse for a bit, then after, I can still be jittery too. My whole day is spent trying to eat enough at the right time to calm the jitters, but haven't found a balance yet.
  14. I get really cross when doctors tell me I'm having panic attacks when this happens. It makes it sound like I'm causing it by being stressed or anxious. I'm not any of these things. When the adrenaline rush thing happens, whether from histamine overload or something else, I am always calm, never hyperventilating, not anxious, often even just asleep! Ordinary doctors can't seem to get it into their heads that this is a physiological thing happening to us, not a psychological thing caused by us.
  15. Oh, and seeing neurologist on 7th feb, but seeing him as private patient (for speed) so,gulp, all tests have to be paid for privately too. *penniless*
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