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  1. I am on Cymbalta and have been thinking about asking my dr to switch me to something else because I have had to take my Xanax more. I wil definately ask now. Thank you!
  2. That has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with. I worked so hard to loose that weight and now I am stuck. I used to walk a couple miles a day and now I have a hard time walking around my apartment some days. I have had people tell me to go up and down the stairs in my building but more than 2 trips up to my second floor apartment and I am falling over. I used to not eat much at all, but when I don't eat my POTS symptoms get a lot worse.
  3. I had Roux-N-Y bypass in 2008 and got down to 190 prior to getting ill. Now after almost 3 years after POTS symptoms started in 2010 I am up 50 lbs. I am really struggling with this. I have been on total disability since symptoms started and find it very difficult to do much. If I vaccuum my apartment (moved from 2 story townhouse because i'd fall down the stairs) I can't do much else that day. Basically grocery shopping1 day, landry one day, vaccuum 1 day, etc. If I do more than that I litterally tip over. I have had a lot of vertigo with the POTS. On meclazine and it helps only a little.
  4. Mine started with a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. It took 5 rounds of antibiotics to clear the infection.
  5. I found out I had POTS after a very severe sinus infection and bronchitis. It took 5 rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. That was in April of 2010. In January of 2012, I spent a week at Mayo Clinic, MN where POTS was diagnosed. Since April of 2010 I have had numerous sinus infections, bronchitis, UTI's, and most recently pneumonia. Not only am I getting sick more frequently but when I do get sick it really wipes me out. My POTS symptoms are increased 10 fold and it takes a lot longer to recover than it used to. I often need more than one round of antibiotics.
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