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  1. My hands get red and swollen during bp readings too. Yeah, I was wondering if it was a circulation issue.
  2. I was wondering if it's too tight, but it seems like it's not. And sometimes it doesn't happen other times it does. It used to only happen with my left arm, now it happens with both. Does it happen with both of your arms?
  3. Sometimes when I take my BP at home, I feel fine. But more and more frequently, I feel so much pain in my fore arm and hand that I can't get through it and have to stop the machine. It feels like my veins are going to pop.Occasionally when it's somewhat more bearable, I struggle through it only to get an error reading. I've done trouble shooting and it seems fine. It works on my husband 100% of the time and it used to work well all of the time for me. About 10 minutes ago I tried to take my BP as my arm started throbbing, I could feel my heart throbbing. Just like my arm, it felt like my heart
  4. Thank you StephL! I completely agree. I need the actual results. So far everyone I've asked for the actual results says that there are no actual results other than the summary on the final report. I don't know if this makes sense, but I'm wondering if that may be because they were only focused on looking for my blood pressure to drop since my doc thought that I had Orthostatic Hypotension. Even on the final report it says I had no symptoms, even though I was constantly complaining of symptoms and even told her I couldn't do it anymore a few times. I'm wondering if it's possible that they just
  5. Thank you for the clarification Flying Squirrel! :-) My doctor actually didn't tell me anything, even though I asked what the results meant specifically. After not getting answers, I sought a second opinion from a different cardiologist and that doc read through my initial doc's notes and saw that he wrote "possible POTS seen at tail end of test". I then requested the tilt table results and only got the report, but not the complete results. I called for them again today. Not sure what they will send this time. Yes, he said that the test was negative because he was testing for Orthostatic Hypo
  6. You might want to try try Reiki also. It alleviated my chest pain and fatigue, even though I also have cardiomyopathy. I also have anxiety from PTSD and it was gone after one session. I like Reiki because you can learn how to do it on yourself for about the price of 2-3 sessions. It's something you can do for the rest of your life if you need to.
  7. Thanks for responding Libby! My minimum resting HR was 64, so not a big difference. At first after they tilted me up my hr only went up to 77 (normal) right away, but within about 5 minutes it hit 96. For the next 25 minutes it dipped slightly, but stayed close to 96. I'm also confused because on the report they said I was asymptomatic during that first 30 minutes. But I wasn't. I didn't faint, but I felt very sick. I was shaking and would have fallen if I wasn't strapped in. I felt nauseated, had a bad headache, neck pain, dizziness and I would start drifting to sleep but I was able to wake
  8. I haven't tried acupuncture. But I did try Reiki and it alleviated ALL of my many symptoms for about 3 weeks. I felt completely normal and healthy for the first time in decades. I'm planning on having a Reiki attunement so that I can do Reiki for myself.
  9. I feel like this often in different situations. But It's usually the worst while I'm trying to make meals for my family. I think bending down and reaching up into cabinets and into the dishwasher makes it worse. And then add the heat from the stove or oven and I'm done. I also can't hold onto objects when this happens, so I break a lot of dishes and spill a lot. As it gets worse, I start to forget what I'm doing and where things are in the kitchen. I have to read recipes over and over and over and I sometimes add the wrong things to the food I'm making. The other day I added garlic powder to o
  10. I'm just wondering how much of a role stress plays in other people's lives. I believe stress and emotional trauma is at the core of my symptoms. Stress also makes my symptoms far worse. I'm wondering how many other see a similar connection.
  11. I'm confused, as this is all new to me. Does this seem like POTS? My cardiologist ordered the test because he suspected I had Orthostatic Hypotenstion. The test was negative, but he noted "possible POTS seen at tailend of test". For those of you who have had a tilt test, what happened if and when you were given adrenaline? Here are my results.... Laying Max HR: 66 bpm Max BP: 128/72 Standing (30 mins) Max HR: 96 bpm Max BP: 168/85 Symptoms: nausea, weakness, dizzy, feeling faint, having trouble staying awake/keeping my eyes open, my hand was turning purple Because I didn't get th
  12. Hi all, I'm so very relieved that this forum exists and that I found it. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. My first symptoms of POTS showed up at around age 13... blurred vision, numbness in my arms, fatigue and dizziness. After examining me, my pediatrician and the optometrist I saw decided that I was making up my symptoms. They suspected I was depressed. My symptoms were ignored for 5 more years. At around 18, more symptoms showed up. The fatigue and dizzy spells got worse and more frequent, I started to feel weak, and like I would faint and my heart would start racing after about
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