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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forum - My overview, feel free to skip to the question at the bottom! - I've been a nephrology patient since the age of 14 - I'm 22 now. I had a previous hx of frequent kidney infections and was finally referred to a specialist where I discovered I had bilateral reflux into my kidneys - I had the deflux procedure done at 17, and then at 19 came back with recurrent infections and discovered I had large stones in my kidney. I had those removed and have been on propholactic antibiotics, diuretics, and potassium supplements since. I was constantly complaining to different ne
  2. Just started about 10 days ago. It's making a huge difference but the scalp tingling is definitely there. It feels like I'm always just about to get the shivers on my scalp, especially if I touch it. I also have constant goosebumps ... It's worth the side effects thus far, but I think I could benefit from 3 xday vs 2, I can feel it wearing off by the afternoon.
  3. What state do you live in? Here in Wisconsin we have an insurance company called "HIRSP". It is by no means free, but its available to high risk patients who would normally be turned down for other insurance due to pre-existing conditions. It's basically a big group plan you can join to keep insurance costs down rather than private insurance, but you have to qualify through certain health circumstances. You should see if your area has something similar. I didn't qualify unfortunately, because you have to have been without insurance for 6 months first ( my parents are keeping me on theirs until
  4. I'm on nuvaring, I'm able to have a period only every 3-4 months this way by just skipping my "ring-free" week. My gp said I really only need to have one every 6 months. Personally, that seems too long for my comfort level. I have not discussed bc with my EP, but I was off my bc last month and obviously got my period during that time ... Worst week I had in a long time - my heart rate was going from 70-120+ back to 70 within 30 seconds, shakey, dizzy, etc. I almost think I'm better off on it, at least then I have a steady regulation of hormones.
  5. Has anyone heard of high vitamin D levels? My nephrologist just tested these for my kidney stone issues and my levels were very elevated, he informed me that I cannot take supplements containing D .. will be going for another blood test within 2 weeks for this..
  6. I'm glad you posted this, I'm also a nursing student and was searching for the same answers! Waking up at 5am for clinicals following a day of work and late-night studying is really starting to get me. I LOVE coffee, but my EP says no more caffeine. He is definitely right (unfortunately), I have significantly fewer mornings of crazy palpitations since cutting out coffee/tea/soda - I'm two weeks without so far! Now I'm also searching for that replacement! I have recently started Midodrine 5mg upon waking and 5mg five hours later. For me, it feels although it's really helping my morning clumsin
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