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  1. don't believe in eliminating everything white, turnips, onions, garlic, potatoes are good for you.
  2. Anoj, today was the first day I was almost not symptomatic at all for awhile. I have been practicing not checking vitals and didn't at all, but as far as brain cog, function, energy, today was pretty good:) still smoking tho:(
  3. so did any of you have symptoms of precocious puberty?
  4. I know someone on that diet, the china study one. He raves about it, says he lost 20 lbs and feels healthier than ever. he doesn't have pots or dysautonomia he is doing it for general health preservation. Hey Issie, Dr. Fry has a link to the China Study on his website as well as Dr. McDougall I had noticed.
  5. wondering with those of you mommy's who are on this forum for your children, did they have big growth spurts?
  6. yeah, have fun! only cross country, no alpine ski for me ski used to ice skate on canal... loved water ski tho! been awhile since i've done any of those tho.
  7. Lyme disease and neck pain/stiffness are associated. I feel better cracking my neck, which never occurred prior to first episode major onset of pots. I actually hated the thought of cracking bones but it only helps me now as far as my neck. my 2 lymes tests showed negative but not sure how thorough the testing was, just a blood draw.
  8. well yeah, with laundry maybe different if I had stairs. we don't have much of those out here in AZ, I live in a ranch style single level.
  9. i would vote mopping and vacuuming, hate the noise of a vacuum and can't wait to get rid of carpet and this insane grooved tile I have; after mopping we have to get on hands and knees and clean all the little grooves! who came up with that idea???? laundry isn't as bad, and loading the dishwasher i can handle except my bf is super anal and sometimes takes everything out and reloads it to his taste. We have had many arguments over how to fold towels, he finally came around to my way of thinking tho, its the half wrap long way then 3 fold. he used to fold them in squares and they were too big for the towel closet LOL straightening bedrooms, well i am teaching my son to pick up his mess before we get another project out. so when that's under control, there really isn't much mess to clean up other than the other items on your list:)
  10. okay, had a busy weekend as you know so I will print them off tomorrow and try to interpret once son goes to bed:) thx
  11. I emailed my friend who lives pretty close to Issie I believe and she is interested. she isn't on this forum
  12. i'm in north central phx area too
  13. I'd be interested if I can find a ride. but for me it would have to be a weekend since I work
  14. I know a couple people with pots that I've gotten together with out here...we have fun we usually do lunch
  15. Anoj, so sorry everything is hard right now. I seem to be tolerating wellbutrine generic extended release for almost 1 week. first day was horrible, but I've tried an adderrall pill way before pots, and hated the sensation I got, that was how I felt the first day/night on wellbutrin. some people like that kind of energy - not me! it kinda made me hallucinate. that was a long time ago tho, like I said. I actually have a huge prob with adderrall because I have witnessed so much over prescription and abuse of it. I agree, was worried what it was going to do with my n-e especially but I feel no worse than usual, vitals have gotten slightly better, or at least not worse, and feel a little happier although I was never depressed, i don't quite get it. Don't have the other side effects most people notice too - nausea, no appetite etc. Altruism, I have been on klonopin for slightly over a year. 1 mg per day. I am unlike most people on this forum since I take it in the a.m. when my pots is worse, and it doesn't make me drowsy so I don't take it before bed unless I am freaked out cuz my bp/hr is too high. yeah, i would say my surges are 90% better..not calling 911 anymore lol~!
  16. Centruroides sculpturatus says wikopedia. you can also put powder down the columns of your block fence, I bet u have one, most homes in AZ do, so different than the midwest but I guess our lots are smaller out here so more privacy that way. Scorpions - that's one thing that totally freaks me out in the summer, I want to swim in my pool at night but dont want to step on one of those ********!
  17. not any more dizzy than normal. that whole jittery but frozen left within a day tho it does show up in tiny bouts, hard to describe. i'm not on the dose they reccomend to quit smoking. not sure cuz I've shown siezure activity on eeg's so taking it slow for sure. feel better than usual but i am a girl so this is the time of month i usually feel better, sorry for too much information, guys. thanks issie! hope it gets me to my goal
  18. please explain. i don't understand this suggestion. i think there is more to it.
  19. not convinced that f will help long term. hope you find answers
  20. faring well day 6. I started my Ubiquinol again which i was off due to not wanting extra jittery nervousness. still smoking tho, but i read it takes usually 2 weeks to build up in system to quit so hopefully that's true. I sleep well, seems like it takes me longer to fall asleep. no nausea, dizziness hives or other side effects so far. sometimes I feel stoned/happy buzz tho, but guess thats the dopamine! went to home depot today and grocery shopped and don't feel like I need to crash out yet. so, for me it's not as bad as it was when I was trialing beta blocker, i think possibly helping with oi (hypertensive, although i read that med can increase hypertension so IDK) and lowering my bp, which is odd. but that varies depending on stress level/time of month so I'll see. can't bet on anything after only 6 days.
  21. (lizards/geckos feed off the same bugs as scorpions do, so if you notice a lot of lizards etc. then that indicates you have a good food source for scorpions too)
  22. yeah Dani that totally *****! i totally am freaked out by them, i live next to a golf course and they are really strong in our neighborhood - bark scorpions, i had our yard sprayed regularly prior to getting Mac, my big tortoise but although taken every precaution, all that I hear from work (i know tons of pest control peeps) unless you get rid of source of food, meaning crickets and other little bugs scorpions will thrive here in the desert. they like moisture too. pay special attention to how many lizards/geckos you observe. they eat the same things as scorpions so that will give you a clue in. you can hunt scorpions with a blacklite cuz they glow, or get a cat, they can actually kill scorpions whereas i am told a dog cannot. and watch out when you get in the bath. sorry about your experience, but scary and akkklllllllllll.
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