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  1. also, if you google licorice root and protozoa you will find some interesting reads.
  2. also I found this of some interest: http://www.classicalchinesemedicine.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/fruehauf_guapproaches.pdf also, quoting from a parasite forum: Not every parasite is a worm. Parasites can be classified into the following: 1/ Nematodes (worms) 2/ Cestodes (tapeworms) 3/ Trematodes (flukes) 4/ Protozoa (microscopic such as giardia etc) Treatments are different for each classification. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15058817 http://dpd.cdc.gov/dpdx/Default.htm the FL1953 is not specifically discussed I believe, I only had time to skim thru these but possibly a new evolved bug? anyway, interesting reads on this topic.
  3. ha ha I am an Indiana girl 2 so I know how incredibly hard it is to find a doc out there. I moved to AZ several years ago. Regarding the FL1953, I am not sure if this girl is on dinet or not but she has tested for the protozoa as well......... http://wheredidigetthislemon.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-new-freedom.html also, your doc can send in the bloodwork to Fry's lab if you live far away from what I understand.
  4. as already mentioned and from what i read due to the splotching on your face sounds like mast cell issues, h1's and h2's helped me immensely, along with konopin generic, before h1's and h2's I was at 2 mg per day to calm my adrenal surges but now am down to 1/2/ mg. I do take it in the a.m. tho cuz that's when my tachy/bp is at it's worst, trying to get my son up and get ready for work...etc. klonopin worked wonders for me, along with adding on antihistamines. and I tried beta blocker and made me feel aweful.
  5. i have seen my pupils constrict only sometimes esp. when i am tired but one time my bf commented on how big they were. hey, please believe I am talking abojt my pupils, not my chest! c'mon now! i broke my sternum in a car accident over 10 years ago, not my clavical, just under my throat but above my chest is constantly red, for over a year now. my cardiologist noted,,, but i was referred to an epcd. neither him or my current neuro seem to think it's anything, not to do with pots. at my worst, i felt like someone punched me really hard just above my chest yet underneath my throat, and then put a super heavy stone on the same place while I slept. when I woke up, i was sore to the touch and couldn't even move my head without hurting. is this the sensation you are describing?
  6. think u could probably find a regular therapist. as long as u r comfortable with them and getting resolution, that's the goal.
  7. 173/123 what is it with the 3's? and it's always usually around mid afternoon. in the a.m. and late at night 104/56 is my lowest
  8. love stevia! they have it at sprouts and you can get all kinds of flavors too:)
  9. i know a girl who had pots since birth: apparantly the dr.'s detected it in the womb in fact, then they slapped a pacemaker in her later in life which was not benificial for her sake. She is alive and kicking (in potsies sense, sit down!!!!), I think you definitely should not focus on statistics cuz who knows all of the people who weren't properly dx'd and are and have lived longer than what they were told!!! just like any cancer or tumor patient who lived a fully satisified life after being told they had 6 months..........any one of us, including healthy people could kick the bucket tomorrow, I can't comprehend and fully feel what exactly you are going thru, and what your drs are telling you, but we have one life, one love ay? (and that love is u....so go to school, do art, write poems/songs..kickbox, try out for the olympics, whatever is your dream:))
  10. 3rd world countries do not have the dyso issues that westernized countries have - proven fact- and they mainly eat rice beans and veggies. does this have to do with diet and what is in the food we "westernized" people eat or does it have to do with the climate and race ( I venture not because my big sis is half african american and was raised in a semiwarm climate, yet has m.s. - major misconception) or they do not have dr.'s to properly dx.
  11. In my opinion this doctor believes that following the diet - same diet Bill Clinton and Clint Eastwood if I recall are on- will shrink FL1953 and help with blood flow issues. So, I don't believe for most following a healthy diet can kill you. Of course, always check with your doctor first.
  12. anyway, maybe already posted or aluded to in some sense but still being examined with importance: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1420-9101.2002.00402.x/pdf I hope I cut/paste the right post having problems with that lately, need a better laptop ya know?! I def think inflamation is a common thing in autoimmune issues. MCAD is very hard to dx as well, according to Dr. Grubb & my neuro and much else I've researched. I don't faint. (remember, less than 10% do according to statistics I've read....can't find the published medical research papers on that right now LOL) Dx'd with hyerpots, the only thing that has really helped manage my symtoms is minor dose of benzo in the AM (not pm) and anti-inflam's. and btw, there is nothing wrong with my "flow" according to my neuro & ex physiocard (who told me to wiggle my feet at my desk at work (seriously?) and eat lots of salt/drink gatorade). If I have bouts of high bp so idk why eat more salt. even wiki said Immune system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immune_system Inflammation is one of the first responses of the immune system to infection The Biochemical Society (UK) Nutrient mechanisms in inflammation, infection and immunity 24 January 2013 Charles Darwin House, London, UK This Hot Topic (yeah, don't get excited cause they said "hot") meeting will provide an opportunity for researchers interested in exciting emerging topics in nutritional immunology to come together and to establish a network for future collaborations in this fascinating area of research. Topics: Vitamin E, T-cell function and infection; Vitamin D, immunity and infection; Flavonoids, genotype and inflammation; Obesity and infection; Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and inflammation; Lipid mediators in inflammation resolution www.biochemistry.org/MeetingNo/HT005/view/Conference/ sorry, off a exact important topic for a minute, should have gone to the salt post but stil like I said, inflamation has EVERYTHING to do with this i propose; at least in hyperpots case. There is a cause for pots and autoimmune. No offense anyone - am I going to get edited? sorry, my computer doesn't do smiley faces at home:)
  13. cool, would you explain what you are thinking when you say biochemical reasons for poor salt handling?
  14. Yay J! I'm glad you are feeling better and I knew you could do it
  15. my laptop is not letting me use the edit tool, so... "Many physicians were puzzled and assigned a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, which allowed the veterans to collect benefits for a service-related illness." ha ha!, i find that hilarious as a doc i once saw thinks I got pots from PTSD - no kidding - plus he looks like santa. i was not at a stressbreaking point in my life (for my life) other than being on a very restricted diet more than a year before when I became most symptomatic, so to me, in my head PTSD made no sense as I have had an "eventful" life. he did say that he has vets 20 yrs plus who all of a sudden came down with ptsd, not pots, this just mentioned by him tho. i did like him but now have a big med bill to pay that insurance won't cover Just like an appt. when talking to a psych when I was 16 and yes, btw, they all said my life was a lot to deal with but I was fine. Also, with the doc I mentioned I didn't know at the time that he was an epilepsy neuro, he didn't order any testing, no blood work, nothing, just his thoughts from a 1/2 hr consult he told me to just do my homework and get him the "line drawing" from my eeg that captured brain waive slowing, which I did get to him, thus he also "confirmed" as I understood that there was slowing activity for sure, just not siezure or epilepsy. The whole not testing me stuff doesn't necessarily bother me as I have had an epc call me "pots girl" and not even look me in the eye, less than 10 minute consult after sitting in his lobby for over an hr. My question is, and i kinda wrote the theory of PTSD off and i havn't looked into much research but did anyone find the article niaomi was looking for? and I don't understand, cuz those who aren't vets, why would any sort of nerve gas/toxin flying around in the air only effect some of us, causing dys if we all are breathing it in? Not to say completely write off anything, I am certainly looking into toxins and such as a cause of chronic illness - although certainly not sold on the mold theory yet. Toxins/never gas etc., I think that would be harder to prove and possibly no safe cure tho....so hoping that is not the reason.
  16. also read that parasites cause air hunger which many of us have - the sensation of forgetting how to breath/not enough oxygen to the brain
  17. yes i have that, especially in the a.m. or standing more than 10 minutes. H1's and H2's have helped me significantly with this sensation but I still have it on occasion.
  18. I havn't tested positive (getting the test in early January due to $) so I cannot say that I have the FL1953 but wanted to throw in Dr. Fry recommended to me if I test + and go on the diet/antibiotic to stop magnesium supplements, he thinks that the protozoa feeds on magnesium, which could explain why my labs say I am magnesium deficient although I take over the usual amount of magnesium supplements...? He said that the diet and shrinking the bugs will bring your vitamin levels into balance. Also, when I mentioned how H1 and H2's were helping he believed it has to do with controlling inflamation cuz the protozoa causes inflamation. I've seen some posts on loose teeth - sign of parasites. also seen posts about back of kneck pain/clicking...possibly due to CCSVI i'm hypothosising. I have read that approximately 90% of those with MS have this bug, plus the big parasite guru's out there believe there is a connection to autism, and not to mention other sorts of dysautonomia, not necessarily pots. My thought on the diet is that whether or not I find I have this bug, I will do the diet regardless. Studies show that after a ms diagnosis, when following this diet after 30 years later your quality of life and life expectancy is 100% compared to those who don't. My boyfriend's exes mom is an example....she was dx'd with ms over 30 years ago and has followed a lowfat vegan diet. Her neuro said he has never had a patient survive as long as she. Yay Issie, glad you posted.
  19. im not good on bcntrl but i took yaz for 4 months...the only bcntrl ive taken for more than 2 mth. honestly, i hate the whole concept of it and I think it affects well being, i think the dude whether or not your hubb should just wear the shell or you if you don't want kids. but I am almost infertile i think cuz i have been with my man 4 8 yrs and no birth control and 1 son. who is the BESTEST OF LIL GUYS EVER! I love him so much:) i just had 2 cocktails so don't mind me so much if I sound stupid:)
  20. i work 40 hrs. a week which requires mental intuity and communication but it's a desk job. I wouldn't qualify for disability/SSI If you search SSI posted by Dani on dinet forum I have posted the disability grid they go by....it's incredibly hard to qualify, depending on age/current job etc.
  21. i believe it has very much to do with blood clotting/blood flow/coagulating/vein type related issues. My big sis has ms and my lil sis has severe fatigue/bleeding/unexplained bruising issues. I think pots and both of their disorders have to do with irregular blood flow due to one (or related) specific cause. I think the same with my left temporal brain waive slowing noted on eeg as well, was originally dx'd with simple complex siezures however I have a veinous anomoly in the same spot. What a coincidence, right? will talk more later just waiting for someone else on dinet to post on this theory and that is a whole new post i think........ hopefully we will start to connect some dots.....
  22. So sorry you don't feel well J - you are so strong and positive and I really admire that about you. Get feeling better soon.
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