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  1. I'm guessing this is what I experience almost daily with my forearms. Constantly being asked if I spent the previous afternoon outside due to my "sunburned" appearance.
  2. I've experienced this as well as the "BOOM" that many people report startles them from sleep. My beta blocker keeps my heart around 50 bpm during the day which is very much needed otherwise my resting pulse would be around 100 bpm. I feel like as soon as I lie down at night my pulse drops well below those 50bpm to around 30 or so which is a little scary to me. I think many times my body overreacts to this low HR and overcompensates thus I wake with tachy along with SOB. That's my theory at least. My most concerning sleep related issue as of late has been numbness in my limbs even when I am po
  3. Often feel as if I can not achieve a "full" breathe. I almost don't recognize this as abnormal since it's been an issue since I was 17 (29 now) but I faintly recall what it was like to take that full, satisfying inhale/exhale. Weird thing is it seems to be most severe at random times of rest & really not as prevalent during my most intense moments of work/exercise.
  4. I had an uncle who died suddenly in his 40's & have often wondered if it could have been possibly autonomic related. My biggest concern is the decade or so I went undiagnosed with MD's periodically attempting to control my extreme runs of high blood pressure. Now that I am fairly regulated I feel better about it but can only hope damage has not already occurred.
  5. Well now you have me wondering! Been taking probiotics as part of the Advocare 24 day challenge & low & behold. . . . Visual disturbances!
  6. Oh yea. It's almost like a phantom cell phone is attached to random parts of my body on extreme vibrate mode at times. When I've felt it in my chest & I've had a shirt pocket I've reached in to answer the call on numerous occasions! lol
  7. This is all interesting to me. I went through the battery of tests as a 17 year old before finally being properly diagnosed a decade later. Anyway one thing I vaguely recall is an IMA physician informing me I have an "extra" renal artery but he didn't seem concerned about it. Does anyone know if that could be an issue as well?
  8. I have taken clonidine but it was prescribed pre-diagnosis when the physicians were just attempting a quick fix for my elevated BP's. My diagnosing cardiologist advised I stop taking it due to the "rebound" effect it can have on BP. It always helped temporarily but I am glad I am on my beta blocker now.
  9. June just curious about her "pulse pressure" or the correlation between the systolic & diastolic pressures. Someone started a thread recently & I have noticed that during my very worst episodes there is a narrow gap between my top/bottom numbers even if the pressures are not outside of "normal" ranges on their own. Just a thought it explained many of my issues when my pressure wasn't necessarily high.
  10. A beta blocker (atenolol) had worked well for me but I fear the dosage is losing it's effectiveness. Your theory makes sense so if you convince your MD to try it let me know how it works! I also take a benzo (klonopine) in a low dose prn at night when symptoms such as a pounding heart will not allow me to rest.
  11. I am on the same dosage of atenolol (though I often cut in half) as well as Klonopin at night pretty much as needed. I haven't experienced the lower extremity swelling, pain, etc but I do have a persistent unproductive cough especially when lying down.
  12. Mine has been very narrow at times as well. Actually didn't know it was a symptom of POTS/Dysautonomia but I should have known. Makes me feel better because when I googled it and all I could find were life threatening acute cardiac conditions associated with narrow pulse pressures.
  13. I have had mild incidence but the most severe happened this past Friday. Was in my car traveling from one facility which I work to another and a song I am very familiar with came in the radio. I was singing along word for word when all of a sudden my words began to slur & seconds later the lyrics escaped me altogether. Took several minutes to regain my composure.
  14. I recently decided to dive in head first & have survived almost 3 months of crossfit which can be about as intense as exercise gets at times. Felt MISERABLE the first 6 weeks or so but kept pushing & it's to the point now that I think the overall health benefits outweighs the additional symptoms I am forced to deal with. My biggest issue now is trying to get my body to shut down enough to fall asleep at night. My biggest complaint would be that pounding heart feeling when lying down making sleep more difficult.
  15. I don't get the burning sensations so much but I do turn bright red at times particularly my forearms for no apparent reason. Am always getting the "are you sunburned" comments ?
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