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  1. Just wanting to see how many are on this med with success?
  2. So I have hyperadrenergic pots. I have been getting a lot of my salt intake by putting it in water. Today my dad called and said that drinking salt water is bad for you. He said that it can be very hardon your kidneys. He said it would be better to salt your food? Just wondering how everyone does it?
  3. Hi I have been diagnosed with hyperadrenergic pots by Mayo in Scottsdale. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, Prozac, and Pristiq. All of which make my symptoms worse. I am desperate for any suggestions. I just started using mother wort yesterday. My doc at mayo doesn't want to use benzos for addiction reasons? What are your other pots docs saying about this?
  4. So I need to get some compression hose. Any suggestions of web sites, most comfortable brands? I would prefer to just wear knee or thigh high. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  5. My question is I was recently at Mayo in Scottsdale and saw Dr. Goodman. He diagnosed me with hyperadrenergic pots. I don't tend to have b/p that go over 130/90. He did not mention this medication as an option. I have tried two other beta blockers propanolol and nadolol...had a bad itching response to a very low dose. He now wants me to try metoprolol. Also mentioned a drug ivabradine, has anyone had experience with this?
  6. Has anyone had trouble with itching after starting on a beta blocker? I was on propanolol 10 mg twice a day-had itching. Just switched to Nadolol 5 mg twice a day and now I am itching again. I am wondering if this is a symptom that will go away with time?
  7. Hi. I have been reading this forum for quite some time. I became I'll with some unknown virus in the summer of 2008...went to several doctors. Finally, in the summer of 2009, I went to Mayo in Scottsdale and was diagnosed with POTS. Interestingly, I was told to salt load, raise the head of my bed, NOT to exercise for six months, drink lots of fluids, and was put on SSRI-Zoloft. I did not see Dr. Goodman I believe he was in Rochester at this time. Anyways, I did recover...until I stopped the Zoloft...which the doc at Mayo told me to do. I relapsed in October of 2011. I have tried Zoloft,
  8. Hi. I am new to this forum

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