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  1. Hi Carol, I saw you are using LDN.  How did you start out and ramp up dosage-wise and what if any side effects did you encounter?  I may begin a course and am in uncharted territory (but ever since I was dx'd with POTS, it has been that way).  Thanks!

  2. Hi Michelle, Sorry it took me awhile to respond - I don't often log onto this forum anymore. I'm afraid there aren't any great doctors in Colorado for POTS or MCAS - - I know because I hunted for one. My family doctor was open and helped diagnose me with POTS but he I don't think he is taking new patients right now as he's moved into an administrative role at a hospital system) and he only diagnosed me after I went to a cardiologist, Dr. Collins at South Denver Cardiology. Dr. Collins also isn't an expert on POTS either, but he did the tests including Table Tilt Test that determined I had
  3. Stace915, I ate vegetarian for years also, but when I had to restrict my diet so much I added chicken for protein (still don't like it, but feel worse without it - - make sure you are getting enough protein and B12 methylcobain sort if you can tolerate it [I can't]). From your description I suspect you do have MCAS rather than just normal allergies. I spent years thinking I just had POTS and "allergies". But MCAS is different and once I knew I had it, I had a better idea how to handle it, and just throwing more and more allergy meds at it didn't help all by itself. I really think you shou
  4. Hi Stace915. I haven't been on here in years, but received notification of your post via email and I'm happy I did so I can give an update. Reading my posts from years ago, I recall how very desperate I felt at the time! First of all, I can tell you that I am much, much better so there is lots of hope for improvement! I now live a fairly normal life, working a job, taking care of my children. and doing most things I want to do. I don't always feel great and I still have bad days, but more good ones than bad and I am extremely grateful for that. I think my immune system finally settled down wit
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