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  1. Reversal of lower limb venous and lymphatic pooling by passive non-invasive calf muscle pump stimulation http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17946146
  2. im haveing a realy hard time driveing, was lookig for a way to have the kind of muscle pump i get when i walk, was thinking about trying electrical stimulation on my legs and abbs to see it it helps. i found something on pubmed about the effect of electrical stimulation on leg muscle pump , i dont understand it. can someone look this over and let me know if its saying it will help are not. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10985609
  3. if so how did it work out, and how do you go about geting this?
  4. well im trying things out one at a time its about thhat time to try it .
  5. I no longer have it, but i wanted to find out if its something others have had are have now, and why. When i got pots back in feb 2012 i woke up dizzy and my life took a nose dive from that day. i rember for the next 4 months i had this grinding clcikng in the top part of my neck close to my skull i was sure at the tiime it was why i was dizzy and the pots stuff. my Dr told me no. snap crackle pop
  6. Dizzy i believe a febreze plug in i had in my bedroom and liveing room set up a episode that had me close to going to the ER recently. I was close to passing out just seting up driveing, my my breathing was rely bad. It started soon after i plug the febreze in slowy got bad over 7 days then i un plug them and i started to feel ok. As for Gluten, hfcs and caffeine i try but i was reading that gluten in all forms of grains evne a litle in rice.
  7. i take Acebutolol , sometimes it helps and other times it can exacerbates it. i was off it for about 6 weeks when i started takeing ALA was doing realy good so i got of the BB , i just started it back up today. i think over all it helps , but its just so hard to know for sure becuse this crap keeps changeing on me. i think if i was on Florinef and Acebutolol id feel about 80% to 100%
  8. when this started for me back in feb, i was very sensitive to sounds , even little sounds hurt. its very painfull, makes life **** i dont have it now thank god. you can feel sounds? kind of like sound shocks you even little sounds you make your self? beta blockers make help with the sounds . thay seem to have with me. good luck.
  9. I was tested for pots, at the Nerve and Muscle Center here in houston, thay have a Autonomic functions Lap and thay do the Sweat Test: Heart Rate during Deep Breathing (HRDB)Test: Valsalva Test: The Tilt Table Test: and thay did AChR Antibody Test. i was told i have pots , drop in BP by 20 thy told me and heart rate up by 60. Ok it was not eazy for me to get to see this guy heis not on my Insurance so i was realy just there for the ANS test, My primary care dose not even about pots, i had to tell him i needed to get tested, So now thay i have pots i want to to know, I need to know why becuse right now i cant set up drive and even talk much. I most someone Tech my Dr and then Make him Test me for things. I need a realy good pamphlet are something i can give me, that will not only explain pots, But the steps he must take to help me, to test me, a protocol for Treatment. someone got a link?
  10. you know, its to bad we all can come together in a big room and talk like a live chat, to bad thay dont add something like that to this. like a paltalk room hehe are even if we all had a the program secondlife its got voice. id like to see a lot of you realy smart ppl talk it out in real time.
  11. Mytwogirlsrox i read about ALA and thay were saying 600mg optimal for takeing by pill. i reaaly hope it helps you, i was reading it can take up to 24 weeks sometimes. im going to pray for you right now. this stuff can be a bad dream , i was thinking what if there was a way for us all to talk in voice? i hand out on second life its got voice
  12. ok my nephew just got back from walmart and he got me two types of abdominal binder i have them both on nowi think its helping some but cant tell yet. i put them both on to make it tight lol i was doing so good i was even runing walking bike 5 days ago, for about 7 weeks are so i felt like i was going to make 100% recovey now i cant even think set up drive. i dont know why im seting here happy. lol i just want to live happy thank you
  13. how do you know which one you have, somethings make it very hard for me just to set up with out being dizzy. i have to lay on my side just to type this right now. i need something that can help keep blood in my brain so i can set up. Help
  14. issie this all started for me in feb of this year , i was fine before runing 4 miles a day working out bike rideing i did eat a lot of junk food but i tryed to eat healthy. i had be haveing headache for about 15 weeks on and off before and i started to feel something was wrong, then one day in feb 4 2012 i woke up dizzy and sensitive to sounds breathing problems and my heart was beeting funny. ended up in the ER i was told it was stress after going back 3 more times i ended up staying for 10 days, and had test done on my heart. when thay did the ep study i was told it was my autonomic nervous system. i ended up haveing Autonomic testing and was told i have pots. Im just finging out about vasodilation and all this other stuff its new to me. it seems like the ALA has done a lot of good for me, it even was helping with this breathing problem i have, it seems to come and go, it seems to put pressure on my lungs and heart when im seting up but not so much when im standing up. i need to go seee my Dr and talk about this but its hard to get there right now feeling like this.
  15. McBlonde ALA is Alpha Lipoic acid i started takeing 600mg a day and soon after i got alot better.
  16. i get dizzy seting up more so driveing and laying back in my bed I have a hard time brathing and i come close to passing out. im laying back now and im a little dizzy my bp is 124/79 hr 40 when i stand it shots up and i get a drop in bp. when i drive my heart rates in the 70s 80s 90s bp can be 100/80 124/79 lately im realy comeing close to passing out driveing. i have a hard time brathing and i just to black out. i have to walk around to get blood back to my brain.
  17. Autonomic testing, during tilting pulse rate increased by 60 blood pressure dropped only by 20. was told i have pots. The other testing Sweat Test: Heart Rate during Deep Breathing (HRDB)Test: Valsalva Test: and the blood test ganglionic achr antibody test , i passed. I started takeing ALA 4 weeks ago, and i feel good, like its realy helping i check my blood pressure heart rate and i can see its helping. The one thing i dont understand about this, is im more dizzy seting now then standing , i check my heart rate and blood pressure seting and its not low but i get dizzy and have a hard time brathing , But when i stand up i dont seem to be dizzy. Is this pots are something elses? Sorry for my bad spelling, i have very poor writing skills. sometimes i lay on my side to bearth, becuse laying on my back are seting up makes it worse. Thank you
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