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  1. this started with me the the night my pots started, only i get this shock feels like my heart stops along with my breathing. just as im about to fall asleep it happens and sometimes dont hav to be sleeping for it to happen. Now i found out what was doing it, it was my gut once i gave up gluten 100% now you cant just stop some you realy have to make sure you eat zero gluten for it to stop , and other things and set it of sometimes like chocolate and crapy junk foods. I know were not the same and it my not be the gut with you doin this, but im geting over my pots each day i get inproveing. this feb it will be one full year that i have had pots.
  2. yes, i did some reading on google after i made this post ,and i read that it can grow back. so thats good
  3. im on the meds and my last TSH was in range 2.65 T4 good at 1.4 i lost a lot of eyebrow hair can it come back? im starting to get over pots and each thing i try seems to help a little more, and i have a lot more to try. now im thinkiing i my need my eyebrow hair and i want it back.
  4. Stop eating gluten!!! it realy did help me its not eazy but you have to do it.
  5. this started with me back in Feb 2012 it was bad for me, i did jujitsu ran was in ok shap for my age i thnik. i got a staph infection on my knee from jujitsu i ended up going to get a shot for the staph and a tetanus shot. The Crazy part about this, and i dont like to tell ppl becuse it makes me sound crazy is the guy at the ER told me when he was giveing me the tetanus shot not to worry about the pain to wory more about whats in the shot. well i got pots standing low blood pressure . my heart was going crazy but now i feel like im going to recover.
  6. well right when i started takeing it, my standing heart rate came down and the back of the head and neckpain, headaches gone.i was haveing headaches all the time, now i dont get them . each thnig i do to help wqith my pots seems to help some, one thing that realy is helping a lot is a no longer eat gluten. 100% zero gluten if you eat gluten you need to stop.
  7. When started takeing Alpha-lipoic acid i got good benefits from it, im takeing 600MG from Vitamin shoppe. now i started to read a little more about this on pubmed and i can see that there is something to ALA. Now i want the best i can find, i see that some ALA is more Biofriendly and works the best. dose someone out there know what the best is ? and were to buy it thanks
  8. kelly make sure you look up ALA 600mg and give Quercetin along with Rutin and give them time to work, it my take 24 weeks before thay work. got give up, most people recover some some a lot. So the more you try i think the more chace you have . i think love can help to, wake up with love in your heart.
  9. wow Angellos i to had a tetnus shot before this all started with me. is what seems to be hleping with me, with pots . supplements like ALA 600mg a day and a ton of other supplements. ALA seems to help a lot. when i stated takeing Levothyroxion it did help a lot, sometimes Midodrine can help but not always, its a small window of what it helps with , but it dose and can help. one thing else that seems to help and im not sure why is Xanax 0.25mg i only take ity when when needed sometimes i go a week with out useing it but i can say for sure it dose seem to help. I started takeing antihistamines when my pots is realy bad and i cant set up with out dizzynees seems to help a lot when i realy bad. this pots thing is very very strange i dont understand it, i dont even think the Drs do.
  10. the claritin 10 mg is that the 24h one?
  11. ok, i have some claritin 10mg 24h , now do you guys take this 3 times a day? it says to only take it once a day. and the zantac 150 it says you can take this 2 times a day.. ok and i have benadry 25mg says not to take more then 6 a day.
  12. i have allergies to grass mold hay, only sometimes. i dont think i have it this year. a few years ago my eyes swelled up and i hjave black rings for a week are so after words from allegies. How is Dermatographism Diagnosed? The diagnosis is made by stroking the skin with an object, such as a pen. The appearance of a red, itchy, and sometimes raised rash along the area of the pen stroke makes the diagnosis. Delayed pressure urticaria is diagnosed by placing a weight on the skin or over the shoulder (such as a heavy back pack) for a certain period of time, with an area of swelling and redness appearing for a few hours and possibly lasting for days. i have the red lines from scratching the skin its a little buppy but cant say for sure. im on h1 and h2 blockers i my need to try it in the next 24h when thay have time to exit my body.
  13. dose useing the ketotifen eye drops help stabilize mast cell in the body?
  14. i dont think i have symptoms related to your skin, when i was younger i had rash on my neck when ever i eat food with preservatives, like lunch meats but i dont thnik i get that now days. i do get the profound tachycardia, hypotension, arrythmia right now im doing ok, not 100% i have more of a IST thing going on then a pots thing right now. im even joging working out, bike rideing right now. its got to me the H1 H2 thats helping me. i feel so bad for others that dont know whats going on with this ;-(
  15. jumping through hoops ,to get this ketotifen cant be fun when you feel bad like this. im not even 100% sure i have mast cell, MCAD I dont think i flush , but i have sensitivities that seem to set off a type of pots that make it hard for me to even set up with out being dizzy and breathing problems. I tryed benadryl and a 24hour 10 mg zyrtec and one zantac 150 and it seems to help a lot. i got some realy bad hiccups that lasted for days. i think from thr zantac. but like i was saying i dont think i flush. but this h1 and h2 thing is helping me.
  16. i was reading about Ketotifen, id like to give this a try to see it helps.
  17. whats wrong with haveing quercetin mixed with Vitamin c?
  18. the other day my car broke down when i was driveing it, it started to over heat and, i had to pull over truns out it was the radiator, i think i have been breathing the antifreeze fumes for a few years with out knowing it,
  19. i was working out , bikeing runner all my when i got pots i was joging 3 to 4 miles a day and id walk 3 to 4 after my run. Bikeing a lot that kind of thing.
  20. ok, i tryed the H2 = zantac and h1 zyrtec the last two days and i was driveing today with out being dizzy and i feel someone better. When i got to were i was going to get my food i did not have to fight from passing out . Something is going on by takeing The h2 and h1. Now i did not see a drop on my heart rate i have pots and somekind of IST with a resting slow heart rate. im going to give this mast cell a shot and see what i can do. i feel good riht now,. you guys are a realy live saver. thank you.
  21. its looks like Dr. Theoharides is saleing NeuroProtek® for mast cell? have you tryed it ? http://www.algonot.com/neuroprotek.php
  22. thanks for the let me know, i will try one out before i buy it. I was going to buy 2 are 3 one or 2 for the legs and one for the abs only going to use it when needed driveing are when ever im standing and i start feeling like im going to pass out.
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