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  1. Immunoadsorption is an extracorporeal technique used for the removal of antibodiesand molecules from the blood. ... This selectivity, coupled with its highly efficient removal of the molecule, along with a favourable side-effect profile, has madeimmunoadsorption an attractive option in a range of autoimmune diseases.

    Immunoadsorption - a Potential Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

      Has anyone had any luck getting this treatment for their  dysautonomia on here?

  2. The cabbage juice can make you gassy, but for me it's not so bad and I'm already feeling better.

    Cabbage juice in the past has almost been a cure for me but it requires strict dieting no refined sugars no gluten  3 cups of cabbage juice a day for at least 20 days.

    I add celery to it as well so I end up with about 6 cups of juice a day.

    And I'm not exaggerating it really has been a miracle for my particular orthostatic issues.    I suppose stomach inflammation can cause blood pooling and leaky gut can be a huge Factor an autoimmune so cabbage juice hits all those things

  3. I read it can also improve cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity,  and rutin can as well.

      but I can't find the particular article I read right now. so I don't know if it's oral  they used,  I believe the rutin was definitely oral,

         it's difficult taking vitamin C because  when I have a flare up and need something my stomach is often inflamed, I got some dr. Mercola Liposomal  vitamin C It's relatively affordable it's slightly more bioavailable than other forms of vitamin C,  but doesn't come close two intervenience,

        I may pick up some calcium vitamin C buffered calcium next time I go to the store.

      years ago I did cabbage juice three cups a day  20 days  and my pots orthostatic hypotension  improve substantially  so much so I started jogging and living a normal life,

    So I'm juicing now it's been about 7 days cabbage juice the green cabbage juice is what you need is really nasty


  4. I have pots or orthostatic hypotension  had it for the last 6 years  I got hit pretty hard when it first happened, I stopped eating gluten and many of the symptoms got better I was very functional,

    But two months ago after an infection I had a relapse  shortness of breath is a very big problem I can also see blood pooling in my hands and feet pretty scary stuff with the breathing.

    A few things have helped me one very important thing try to always breathe through your nose it relaxes you and activate your parasympathetic nervous system over the sympathetic.

    Also butcher's broom has a visible effect after an hour you can see the blood pooling go away in your hands and feet it's astonishing for me at least.

    But I take it moderately I don't think you want too much Construction just enough in my opinion to bring it back into some balance.

    An H2 blocker before you eat helps me to a bit but I don't think because of Mast Cell Activation disorder I just think it reduces blood pooling in your gut what counteracts the breathing problem.

    . And one other  thing Liposomal Vitamin C   it's easy to digest apparently helps with blood flow.

  5. thank you for the information,

    When you say BUN  is that UREA NITROGEN (BUN)? those numbers for the BUN seem to be good 18    7-25 Mg/dL   and everything else no protein in the urine it's just the CREATININE numbers fluctuate  eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN  78   and then 87  and now 70   .

     I have  orthostatic hypotension don't know why my blood pressure drops by 20 when I stand and I get a fast heart rate when I stand.

    I think it's autoimmune.     whatever I'm symptomatic and my blood pressure drops more my kidney filtration rate  is worse.

    This is been going on for 6 years now

  6. I started growing broccoli Sprouts recently because of all the researchthat says they're incredibly good for many different things,  but I'm concerned that they could ramp up my immune system and increase my orthostatic hypotension if it is in fact autoimmune causality.

    I'm trying to look it up online right now having a hard time finding anything does anyone out there have any ideas are know if broccoli Sprouts are a bad idea for autoimmunity or a good idea and I know that alfalfa sprouts are very bad for people with lupus and things like that anyway if anyone out there knows anything and can help me out I would very much appreciate some info on this

  7. one clue i want to point out, to others about know if this my help with there pots is that when pots started with me, i started geting a type of surge just as i started to sleep at night, and it was very awful. if you have that surge like i did , id got out and buy a juicer are get a good one online soon, plus give up 100 and 20 % of gluten and sodas junk foods give it all up.

    becuse the surge for me seems to be from the gut in some way, it feels like something elses but its the gut.

    i just got back from walmart i had to go walk some more, i feel like im reborn.

  8. i use a heart rate monitor watch, with a chest strap so i can see what my hearts doing, plus i know im ok now, i can feel it no longer dazzy at all, not even a little. i even test my standing blood pressure, and its fine even my standing pulse pressure is fine.

    im not 100% yet its going to take more time i need to get back in shap i was on my back for a long time.

    i just got out of shower i took a long hot one, and before that made my heart rate realy high , its fine now. i feel like crying im so happy.

    its the cabbage juice, and the gluten free has done it to, but the cabbage is realy doing it. im not going to die after all .


  9. im starting to like the way it taste, by adding things to it but wow it can be realy nasty with adding stuff.

    when i got sick with pots about 16 mo ago, i ended up in the hospital thay did a ablation

    on my heart, that i now feel my have been unnecessary. after words i was told it was my autonomic nervous system

    so i had some test and told i have pots, and hashimoto's. so thay gave me 3 types of meds midodrine for otherstic hypotension, acebutolol for POTS and IST and Levothyroxin for hashimotos, i only take the Levothyroxin and not the other two meds becuse thay did not help.

    im starting to think that the hashimotos was a wrong diagnosis, and that my high TSH was to do with my gut.

    afater i gave up gluten 100% things started to trun around for me. be for i had to lay on mt side just to breathe

    heart rates in the 180s standing up, head was hurting all the time back on head pain.

    Well i started cabbage juiceing 5 days ago ,and right away my standing heart rate was down in the 60s and 70s.

    i had had a lot of body twitching that got reduced to 97% once i started on the Levothyroxin but the twitching in my left cafe never did go away, but now after cabbage juiceing its about 90% gone.

    im so happy i can cry. i realy did think i had MSA


  10. well i read on pubmed that cabbage juice helps with the gut and can cure ulcers in 10 days, and it was saying it my be a type of autoimmune regulator.

    When ever i eat things like gluten abd such my pots gets realy bad, so i started to think something in my gut is doing it.

    to a shot i started juiceing the cabbage, the green cabbage its white in the inside and its working big time for me.

    i feel like i did befoe i got sick , its got to be the cabbage, its realy hard to drink but im going to be doing it for ever now.

  11. im not 100% yet, but i started to see improvements when i added r-lipoic acid then going 100% gluten free

    i started to improve much more. but for the last 4 going on 5 days of cabbage juicing my standing heart rate is in the 60s 70s.

    when this started it was in the 150s 180s very high .

    Cabbage juiceing for me looks like its the key to walking away from pots.

    when this started i had muscle twitching in my left calf and im lookng at it now and it aouut 90% gone after the cabbage juiceing.

  12. sure , i buy the white cabbage its green on the outside but white on the inside from HEB are Kroger .

    i use a omega 8000 juicer its what thay call a masticating juicer. it cost me $250 bucks. im sure a 60$ centrifugal juicer from walmart can work, but not as good as keeping the micronutrients safe.

    I juice a full cabbage and drink about half of it right away, then i juice some carrots celery broccoli ginger and add in to the rest of the cabbage juice. i have added a little kale to.

    if you look up juiceing cabbage on pubmed it says it my be a autoimmune regulator.

  13. cabbage juice is helping me with my pots.

    i started juiceing 4 days ago and my standing heart rate is in the 60s and 70s now i test it with a omron upper Arm blood preeure monitor, and a polar heart rate monitor thay both cant be wrong.

    my standing pulse pressure is no longer low and good, i dont feel dizzy i cant belive this.

    i had gone gluten free 100% and that did help , but this is cureing me it seems.

    its a full time job juiceing cabbage but its wroth it. i juice a full cabbge and drink as much as a can, then i add other things like carrots celery broccoli ginger to it.

    i read about caddage juiceing on pubmed and that it my be a autoimmune regulator, but i have only been juiceing for 4 days now so i dont know if it can help with that so soon.

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