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  1. Welcome! Sorry your here though. I have GI and fatigue issues to, and I'm 10. Was diagnosed like 9 or 10 months ago. Hopefully you'll find lots of answers and advice here! Good luck with the florinef, (I tried it to) and I hope your daughter gets better soon! -Kayla
  2. Good for you! Glad you had an ok time! Kayla
  3. Great! That's a good idea. Hope you had fun at the fair! Kayla
  4. Woo hoo! That's great. I'm kind've on that path to with new meds. I guess just stay positive and everything'll be ok. I always think about how I've changed in a good way with POTS. Like I was terrified of needles and doctors, and now it's just as natural as breathing! Hope you keep feeling better! Kayla
  5. Well, think about how you would feel without one and with one. I went to disneyworld with a wheelchair, at first I was super embarrassed, but then as time went on, I didn't care how people looked at me. But my opinion is that you should probably get one, at least for reassurance. If you need it, it's there, if you don't need it, you don't. It just depends on how you feel. Good luck and have fun! Kayla
  6. That good! Hope you keep feeling more like your old self! Kayla
  7. I'm so sorry you're feeling worse. We've all had those days. And don't worry. Just think, "Things can only get better." Don't give in to POTS. You've fought it for this long. So keep going. Feel better! Kayla
  8. Everybody has a time where they feel worse/better in the day. For me, it's before lunch (starts at like 10:30 and ends when I eat and take my meds) but maybe the cycle will change soon. Kayla
  9. Definitely! Just going out for a few minutes makes me tired!
  10. I also love the seires I am Number 4, I am only on the first book, but it's awesome! (The second is called the power of six) Has action, twists, and a bit of romance so far, but it's not like the whole book. P.S All the books everyone suggested are good and some of them sound cool! Kayla
  11. That's good! Little bit by little bit and you'll be sleeping regularly soon! Kayla
  12. Wow! That must be hard. Hang in there! Kayla
  13. Did you sleep good last night? I hope all of our tips helped! Insomnia is NOT fun, so I hope you get back to a normal sleeping pattern soon! Kayla
  14. P.S I just remembered some tips from the Internet that I looked up when I had trouble sleeping... -This is a weird one...try to stay awake while your closing your eyes and trying to sleep. I tried it once...it helped a bit... -Try not to think about not being able to fall asleep. If you concentrate on really really trying to sleep, then you'll feel more awake. (I know, the body can be mean to you ) -(I usually don't take naps so I don't know if this works...) No naps during the day. My doc told me that affects your sleep at night. Good luck on falling asleep tonight! Kayla
  15. Huh. That stinks. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping and then I took melatonin...that helped. Maybe you could try different sleeping pills? The drug store always has some variety. You could also try no caffeine for a day like coffee/chocolate? Also set up a routine...maybe reading, listening to quiet music, no electronics etc. I'm so sorry about the nausea and stomach pain waking you up. That's the worst feeling to have at night . I hope you get some sleep soon! Kayla
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