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  1. This happened to my daughter about a month ago when she was getting a saline infusion. She had a saline infusion the week before and it went fine. This time they didn't even get a chance to get the saline going in. Just the needle going in caused this kind of reaction. The doctor had no clue why.
  2. My daughter has a lot of different strange sensations within her head and neck area but not the sensation that you are referring to. Her symptoms are mostly pain, pressure (feels like her brain is swelling) and "electrical shcck" sensations. We have no idea what is causing this. Sorry I'm not much help!
  3. Hippychic258: The symptoms of most concern right now are the difficulty breathing and feeling that her throat is closing up. However, she has a multitude of symptoms ranging from hives, skin and brain feeling like they are on fire, nausea, heart racing, unable to sleep, hair loss, and many others. We are hoping for some answers soon (and hopefully a solution)!!!
  4. Yes, my daughter had a sudden onset of POTS in July of 2011 (at 22 years old) right after a viral illness. She is not doing well right now (basically bedridden for the past 3 months) and is being tested for some sort of mast cell disorder.
  5. Arizona Girl: It is a different doctor that is running the autoimmune test. I don't see anywhere in the records where the doctor that wanted my daughter to have the IVIG ran a total quantitative immunoglobulin test, but I am not sure. Anyway, our insurance denied the IVIG for POTS. I'm really interested in the MTHFR gene test. I'll have to look in to that. Also, you mentioned a skin biopsy. No one has mentioned that. Would that be to check for a MCAS issue or autoimmune issue? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I am overwhelmed with all of this medical stuff. Pam
  6. Arizona Girl: Wow, you are a wealth of info!! I really appreciate it. I'm sure you can understand how frustrating this can be. I would much rather be feeling sick than watch my daughter do through this. I don't believe a total quanitative immunoglobulin test has been done yet. I do know that one of my daughter's doctors ordered a blood test last week to test for some sort of autoimmune issue but he did not tell me what the test was called. We should have those results in about another week. So it looks like we will have to wait for those results to see what the test was and what the re
  7. Arizona Girl: Thanks for the info! Would my daughter need to go to a genetic counselor/doctor to be tested for that gene? Also I noticed that the doctor recently did complement testing and C4 came back low. Again, I have no idea how this all ties in together (if it does). Of course her doctor is on vacation this week so I guess I'll be contacting him next week to see what he thinks. Pam
  8. Misstraci: Did the doctors explain to you what the high ANA means and how, if so, it relates to POTS? Pam
  9. I was looking over my daughter's medical records thinking that there must be something that we are missing and I ran across blood test results from last Winter from the Mayo that showed high "ANA". Anyone else have this? (We are thinking right now that she might have some mast cell issue going on - but so far all test results for mast cell clues have come back normal). Could it be some autoimmune mast cell issue? Pam
  10. Puppylove: We ended up taking my daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. We found the trip useful as far as all of the autonomic tests that they can run which other places may not have. We were there for a week (arrived on Sunday and left late on Friday). The only bad part was that once we were back home any follow up care was hard because the Mayo was so far away.
  11. DebbieRose: So sorry to hear that your appointment didn't go well. Diagnosis of anxiety, really.... you would think the doctors could try harder than that! My daughter has quite a few doctors tell her it was just stress, anxiety, etc. until she finally got her dignosis of POTS. Don't give up. You know your body best and you know what is normal and not normal for you. Be persistent and you will finally find a doctor who wil listen. Pam
  12. My daughter has hyper-POTS which we now believe is the cause of her POTS symptoms. I am trying to find a doctor for her that knows about MCAS/MCAD but that does not require that she has the diagnosis before she sees them. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I wondered if anyone knows of a good doctor in our area who is knowledgeable about MCAD/MCAS. Thanks! Pam
  13. Elena11: Yes, my daughter takes magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. I can't really say that we have noticed a lot of difference in her symptoms (although she did say that the magnesium helps her with her chest pain) but she has not had any bad reactions to them so she will continue to take them. Pam
  14. Issie: Sorry to hear this wasn't the "miracle drug" for you. I was really hoping that it was. I have to give you credit for trying though. You are a very courageous woman!!! Pam
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