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  1. I am about to start taking iberogast, which is a german product made of multiple herbs. Look it up online, apparently it is amazing at dealing with gastroparesis and stomach upset including gerd.
  2. I am in the US. I am currently tapering off toprol after six months to see how I do without it. I am just tired of being tired and I want to see if it has been causing some of my gi issues. I have a feeling though that I am going to need some other form of heart rate support. I don't know how my cardiologist will feel about the suggestion.
  3. Any other side effects so far? This medication seems like the wonder drug for me. Like you, I suffer from tachycardia but not hypotension or dizzyess/syncope. Apparently the drug is not being approved in the US because of uncertainty of whether or not it improves mortality rates for people with heart failure over current treatment options. Every study I have read though has indicated that it has a wonderful effect on heart rate without the side effects of beta blockers.
  4. I took provigil for a couple of months last year. I had no heart issues at the time and my doctor thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome. It didn't really do much. I noticed an improvement in my overall fatigue, but I certainly wasn't great. It was also very difficult to get my insurance company to approve it. It might be worth a try, but for me it wasn't too helpful unfortunately.
  5. I have been taking R-lipoic acid, which is the more bio available form, for the past week and really enjoy the way I have felt. More energy, and the neuropathy type feeling I had in my arms has improved. It might be worth a try.
  6. What's strange though, is this only happens when I get hot outside, which is making me lean towards histamine problems. I could get in a sauna and get super hot and not have this terrible pins and needs sensation, but if I walk briskly outside for several minutes, I feel like I am being attacked by fire ants.
  7. Hi everyone, I have had a bizarre problem for the past couple months. Whenever I walk around outside and get to the point that I would usually sweat, I get a pin prick sensation on my arms and torso. When I scratch my arms during these episodes, it leaves red lines. If I were to scratch my arms right now, sitting inside, there are no red marks. The sensations go away if I either go inside and cool down, or continue to heat up further and fully begin to sweat. Claritin has had no effect, and it seems like I do eventually sweat in the areas where the pins and need pain is coming from. Does this
  8. Any idea what your typical heart rate is during your jog? How hard are you pushing yourself?
  9. Diet coke and diet pepsi both contain quite a bit of caffeine. That was likely the culprit.
  10. Unfortunately from what I have been told there is really no way to test neurotransmitter levels. I have heard of spinal taps giving some indications, but this is rarely done. Serotonin is an important part of the mediation of the autonomic nervous system. The science behind that is way over my head, but it seems to help stabilize everything. I am on my third week of lexapro and am really starting to see improvement. Dosages, whether for depression or dysautonomia, seem to be trial and error.
  11. Hey everyone, I have been trying to determine what a normal walking around heart rate is for the general population? I know that a resting heart rate is typically 60-90, but what do most people reach when they go about their daily activities? Are heart rates in the 100-110 range typical when walking through the grocery store? I am working hard on exercise and continuing treatment with lexapro in hopes of stabilizing my standing heart rate and was just curious what normal would be. Before all of this started I never took my pulse and have no clue what my heart rate was during the day. I know mo
  12. To me that sounds 100% like absence seizures. I am no expert but I have read about them before and the symptoms are basically zoning out completely for a short amount of time. He probably needs a 24 hour eeg to catch it. I wouldn't give up on an epilepsy diagnosis yet.
  13. What were your symptoms that made you think your problems could be related to mast cells? I have had some allergy/skin type issues recently that have made me also consider going for a tryptase test.
  14. I think it might be worth considering the you are very sensitive to Effexor withdrawals. SNRI's are notorious for their discontinuation syndrome which can provoke crazy side effects. If you search effexor withrdrawal online you'll find a ton of articles on the side effects people can experience when messing with their dosages. It could be totally unrelated or at least playing a part in what you're experiencing.
  15. Just curious to see if anyone shakes all over when waking up, especially if you wake up unexpectedly. Since my hyper pots symptoms have developed, whenever I wake up to an alarm or noise or whatever else, I feel like a tuning fork being struck for a couple of minutes. Literally my whole body including head shake uncontrollably. This is all while still laying in bed and is much worse when I am really tired. If I wake up naturally, this does not occur. My hypothesis is that it has something to do with faulty norepinephrine release, which I am assuming has a role in waking up.
  16. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Alex. I have an interesting update from the last 2 days that might help with my diagnose. It is starting to get warm where I live and walking around for the past two days has resulted in painful pin prick sensations on my skin when sweating, very fun. When I scratch, it leaves a red mark almost as if drawing on myself. This fades over the course of the next 20 minutes or so. I am beginning to wonder if I have some sort problem like MCAD or mastocytosis. I have worked out a few times over the past month, sweated and not had this reaction. I also
  17. Wow Alex that describes my few days on zoloft quite well. I was pretty much incapable of leaving my room. What is bizarre is that I had been on zoloft for an entire year without any side effects 3 years ago. I am certainly better overall than I was at my worst in the Spring but I am far from being the person that I once was. Pretty upsetting that this is all happening during my final year of college. I am contemplating asking to try neurontin to calm my mind/body for a few days before looking into another ssri or snri. I was on lyrica over the summer because a doctor thought it was a good off
  18. I completely agree with you about the over sensitization. The anxiety+zoloft combo seemed to make me hypervigilant which I assume made my body go into a similar state. Therefore my body overreacts to any time of stimulation. Would a hot shower/bath typically stimulate some catecholamine release in a normal person because I get very tachy from that as well even though it was never a problem previously? My only thought as this point is to attempt a trial of cymbalta. What I have read online suggests that it works to desensitize serotonin 1a and beta adrenergic receptors. I have tolerated the bet
  19. Zero orthostatic intolerance or heart issues prior to this all starting in the spring. I think I had maybe checked my pulse a handful of times up until that point. I have had asthma since I was young but it is very minor. I do have shortness of breath on exertion, but it isn't much of a problem just standing. Generally it kicks in after a flight of stairs or something like that to go along with the pounding heart. I've noticed trouble talking on the phone while walking quickly or up a slight grade. My echocardiogram, ekg's and heart exams are all great. I think the cardiologist has kind of tho
  20. I didn't have any dysautonomia symptoms prior to the zoloft. Even after my initial onset of panic and anxiety, I had no heart involvement at all. Only after starting the zoloft, which I was on for 4 days, did this sympathetic overdrive seem to kick in. Since then I have had tremors, cold extremities, shaking upon waking up, stomach problems, brain fog/fatigue and of course a very fast heart beat.
  21. Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old male who has been dealing with the symptoms of dysautonomia for about 9 months now. In the spring of this year I developed severe panic and anxiety. I am not sure if it was stress or life events that brought it out, but I was miserable. My heart however, seemed totally fine. Hoping for some relief, I attempted to go on zoloft which I had been on for a short time a few years prior. It had worked great when I was last on it, but this time it was horrible. I developed tremors and my heart went crazy. I developed inappropriate sinus tachycardia which was diagnosed b
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