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  1. What's strange though, is this only happens when I get hot outside, which is making me lean towards histamine problems. I could get in a sauna and get super hot and not have this terrible pins and needs sensation, but if I walk briskly outside for several minutes, I feel like I am being attacked by fire ants.
  2. Hi everyone, I have had a bizarre problem for the past couple months. Whenever I walk around outside and get to the point that I would usually sweat, I get a pin prick sensation on my arms and torso. When I scratch my arms during these episodes, it leaves red lines. If I were to scratch my arms right now, sitting inside, there are no red marks. The sensations go away if I either go inside and cool down, or continue to heat up further and fully begin to sweat. Claritin has had no effect, and it seems like I do eventually sweat in the areas where the pins and need pain is coming from. Does this
  3. Just curious to see if anyone shakes all over when waking up, especially if you wake up unexpectedly. Since my hyper pots symptoms have developed, whenever I wake up to an alarm or noise or whatever else, I feel like a tuning fork being struck for a couple of minutes. Literally my whole body including head shake uncontrollably. This is all while still laying in bed and is much worse when I am really tired. If I wake up naturally, this does not occur. My hypothesis is that it has something to do with faulty norepinephrine release, which I am assuming has a role in waking up.
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