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  1. I think I have a good answer to this topic. For starters I have heart failure, autonomic dysfuction (POTS exactly), and a headache and blurry vision in one eye. All of this started after a flu shot. So for the longest time I had no idea what was causing the headache or blurry vision until a Dentist showed me a medical book called Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction. I got the book and read the whole boring thing (well it's not all boring). It's essentially about trigger points, which are knots in muscles. I'm thinking my headache is caused by some really strange knots that I have. They're not rounded or ball like they're more like firm hard wires. Well the section of this book covering the Sternocleidomastoid muscle which is in the neck says that trigger points in that muscle can cause autonomic symptoms. In the book they describe a symptom that sounds a lot like POTS but maybe the authors weren't completely familiar with it. They also say the full extent of autonomic symptoms that can occur aren't known. Knots can be in different parts of the muscle and from person to person there's a variety of different ways the nerves could have grown through the muscle (just as we grew and developed). With all of the cranial nerves running through the neck it certainly seems possible that trigger points in the neck could cause POTS. I have a PDF copy of that book too if anyone wants it.
  2. Maybe you can get some experts to testify on your behalf. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You try to do something good for yourself by getting the vaccine and then end up in this mess. All I can say is I hope the damage is temporary and I hope you win in court. Yeah my doctor is going to testify for me. He's just so busy he barely has time to write a statement for the court whereas the crooked doctor testifying for the government/court (that's paid by vaccine companies but doesn't want anyone to know that) doesn't even see patients so he has all the time in the world.
  3. jenglynn Holy crap a nurse came and gave you the flu shot while you were sleeping?? If you didn't sign anything authorizing them to give that to you then you can sue the heck out of them. I always said if someone tried to give me another vaccine i'd fight them to the death. That makes me so mad hearing that. Naomi I'm in the process of getting a hearing in Vaccine Court just like that ruling you sent me. It's so crooked, the "expert witness" testifying against me is on the payroll of Merck. There's no jury in these courts and the judge (special master they call them) can easily be bribed by pharmaceutical companies too. It's very hard to win.
  4. Oh interesting. I actually found that case report and emailed the doctor that wrote it around 6 months ago. She was located to far away though. Boy reading through that forum though makes me realize I need to point out that the flu shot has shown to have zero effectiveness. Most vaccines haven't had honest effectiveness studies conducted, but they have been done for the flu shot and they showed at most a 2% difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. That 2% is so small it's considered a statistical error. So without diving into all the other vaccines, there's just no positive effect that can result from a flu shot so there's no reason to get it. Like so many things I wish I had seen the studies on that before I even considered it. Well I'll be seeing Dr. Amir Zia at the end of July so maybe he'll have some ideas. I find that mainstream doctors typically don't know anything about vaccines and just repeat sales pitches they were told in medical school or from sales reps, so I'm still a bit concerned this doctor will refuse to accept the obvious but we'll see.
  5. I ask because I developed POTS as one of the many symptoms I got from a vaccine injury following a flu shot 5 years ago. I mean I've had this for five years. I was perfectly healthy, got the flu shot, then the next day fell ill with the strangest symptoms and have been sick ever since (which has been over 5 years now). After all the research I've done I realize vaccines can actually destroy nerve cells and cause serious neural damage so I'm wondering if that's what happened to me and how I'd find out. But I know vaccines cause metabolic and immune damage as well so I'm wondering if anyone else developed POTS after a vaccination and found out exactly what kind of damage caused it?
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