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  1. I have heat intolerance (among other things). I can be fine one second, the surrounding temp rise slightly and I start sweating. My head, neck, back, legs, torso. Soaked. Shopping for gifts, store felt soooo hot, just walking around makes me feel like I'm running a marathon. I really identified with post about the hot temps in stores, church, etc. Do the cooling vests work? I will purchase one if they work. Which type to buy? What do I do? Take it with me when I go out of my house? Put on in the store when I start to get hot? Wear it over your clothes or under? Do people stare? {I already gets lots of stares with my cane and/or riding in my scooter at the store...but who cares anymore...I'm melting, my back is killing me, and I'm just happy to be out and about!} Oh yeah, after a little shopping, not having my scooter with me and having to walk with my cane, I was soaked, literally. I get in the car and the entire interior fogs up due to me producing humidity! It is a terrible feeling though to be soaking wet and then go into the cold outside air. When I finally cool down, my bra is soaked, my underwear, socks, and then I start to shake from cooling down. Miserable. BUT, still happy to get out of the house, shop for my 6 neices and nephews and to be with my hubby and kids.
  2. I suspect that being born with hyperhidrosis (inherited from my father) could mean congenital dysautonomia. I had an open thoracic sympathectomy in 1992 at age 28 for hyperhidrosis. My hands still sweated after the surgery. I do not sweat as much under my arms now. I have compensatory sweating as a result of the surgery. I sweat on my back, legs, head, face. I am now 43. I underwent an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy on the right side only in 2002 in hopes to stop the hand sweating. Did not work either. I had several complications as a result of that surgry. Needless to say, I'm DONE! I am experiencing fatigue, dizziness, nausea, hard to stand for any length of time,heart palpations, especially if I lie on my left side. My heart beats rapidly and erratically. I am on disability since 2005. Retired high school math teacher. Yes, sweaty hands and all, I taught school. Does anyone out there agree this may be POTS? I'm trying to get in to see a specialist.
  3. Hi All! Sorry to be in the club, but I do thank God for finding this forum!!! I have congenital dysautonomia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, hyperhidrosis, 2 unsuccessful (open and endoscopic) thoracic sympathectomies (T1,T2 of the sympathetic nervous system removed to stop hands sweating...didn't work...left nerve damage), having NAUSEA something fierce these past few months, have IBS, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, diarrhea, have compensatory sweating after ETS surgeries (back is drenched most of the time, backs of my legs, hands still sweat, underarms not so bad anymore, head, face. Exercise intolerance. Heat intolerance and I live in South Carolina!! I was an infertility patient, have had both tubes removed, left ovary. Experiencing heavy bleeding last 4 months, though I'm not in peri-menopause. Had endometrial ablation 4-30-07, somewhat successful. If not, hysterectomy in future. I have so much scarring in abdomen and pain from scarring that gyn wanted to do the endometrial ablation first. I have 2 fantastic adopted children. They are 15 and 11 and help their Mama so much! I despise that they have a sick Mama, they do all the housework, etc., but they will know how to care for themselves when they leave the nest. I have degenerative disc disease, chronic pain, 3 neurosurgeons said no surgery, wouldn't help. Have osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia. My head doesn't hurt! That's about all that's normal!! Ha!! I am a 43 year old, retired on disability, high school math teacher. Had just finished masters in 2003. Finally unable to work due to back pain, right arm, wrist pain, shoulder in May 2005. Had never heard of dysautonomia or reflex sympathetic dystrophy until Jan 2006. Visited a physiatrist and found all this out. Long story made short, we did not 'jive'. I need a new doc. I see my family doc regularly. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I am married to my high school sweetheart. 24 years this August! I have the most supportive husband, children, and family. I am very, very blessed. I have health insurance and my husband has a good job. Does anyone have any suggestions about a doctor I can see in SC, NC, or GA? Hate to travel, back hurts really bad, hard to drive. But I've done it before for my daughter. My 11 year old was born with a cataract and we made the 4 hour trip to Emory University for 9 years (over 70 visits) for her surgeries, exams, etc. (She is a straight A student, highest scores in math, english, social studies, science, music, in her grade this year, in honors orchestra...this kid was given a 40% chance of having any vision and I was told she would be mentally retarded...to just let her go back to her birthparents...WHAT??? would I give her back if I gave birth to her??? I think not!) She is awesome!!! She wears bifocals and is smart as a whip. She sees about 20/50 with her glasses. My 15 year old is a hoot and just got his permit. Hopefully, he will pick up driving quick. Apologize for the long post, just so GLAD to find ya'll. What's up with this NAUSEA???? It is about to push me over the edge!!!! I'm a big girl, but I've lost 25 pounds in 4 months. Could lose 40 more, but not this way! Donna
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