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  1. ChristyD, Thank you for the information. This is going to be a long road!
  2. Well, I had a meeting with my daughter's counselor and the assistant director of the special education department. I explained Rachel's desire to return to school full time but that i wanted a backup plan in case she is unable to achieve her goal.(which I am sad to say will probably be true) I explained issues including the fact that the CFS coupled with the POTS resulted in cognitive impairment at times. In the end all that I understood was that as she is unable to keep up they will slowly wittle back her classes until she ends up at home on line. (and by the way they said they would probably
  3. I have a 14 year old daughter starting freshman year with a diagnosis of POTS and CFS. I am in need of assistance with pulling together a 504 plan for her. An old forum noted a website that is no longer available: pediatricnetwork.org. If my daughter partakes in on-line high school is the school required to provide the learning coach? We were told I would have to provide transportation if she goes to school at a latter time, yet we work. Does anyone have examples of 504 plans that really worked for them? Can anyone share there experience and what worked?
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