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  1. Hi Natasha Great to hear you are doing well on Aldosterone. I think it is criminal that florinef gets prescribed before Aldosterone, it's just that the drug companies can't patent aldosterone so they're not interested in it. I know of a pharmacy in Canada, that has it - pharmacysolutionsonline also profound-products who I think are distributors
  2. An old topic , but just an update that I have been using Aldosterone for 4 years and it definitely increased my blood pressure. I was dizzy on standing before I took it but most of the time I'm OK now. Also for those of you questioning whether you need Aldosterone, rather than just taking a precursor hormone, in my case I have to be very careful of the hormones I take as I have had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, so I have to avoid hormones that can raise my estrogen. Aldosterone is perfect in my case as I just need my blood pressure raised - I don't need any other hormone effects. I'm in Australia, and Australian doctors will prescribe it and there are now Aus pharmacies that will compound it. pm me if you need the details
  3. Hi all For anyone in Australia who needs Aldosterone, I have found a pharmacy that will get it in. If you have been looking for a pharmacy that sells Aldosterone you can send me a PM for more information. They are very keen to dispense as cheaply as possible without compromising the quality. They said that as the doasge is in micrograms, they need to use very strict quality controls. Thanks.
  4. Hi Annaliese I'd be very grateful if you could let me know where in Australia you can get aldosterone. I've been measured with low aldosterone & my doctor has prescribed it but none of the compounding chemists I've contacted can get it. I'm in Australia. Thanks heaps.
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