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  1. I take Zoloft recommended by my Cardiologist EP I think it has helped a little bit. If the only thing i feel like i have more energy. my heart rate still gets really high some days and some days its ok.... yesterday when i was sitting my hr was 80 when i stood up it would go up to 156 i stayed in bed all day, but today has been a little better.
  2. sorry i have no idea what to do about it... i have the exact same problem my perception is off i run into things scared to drive when i feel like this. i also have trouble with slurring words or getting the right word to come out.. i cant remember things i have done/said sometimes... and sometimes when driving i cant remember how to get where i am going even though i have driven there a million times. its horrible i feel so stupid and just cry. I dont know why this happens but its horrible and hard to deal with. sorry if this doesnt make sense im really not feeling well right now... but sorry i cant help.
  3. They say that most ppl who get pots where very outgoing....... did well in school always pushed themselves and where very active in sports and outdoor activities... maybe i should have been lazy like my sisters...
  4. i think its pots... I had a stress test done and they only had me walk up hill on the treadmill and my heart started racing and my bp dropped... walking on any incline seems to make symptoms worse! Sorry hope you are feeling better!
  5. hi my name is natalie i have had pots for ten years.... i dont know anyone else in my area that has pots and i think it would be nice to have someone around that knows how you feel, to hangout, and support each other!! If anyone on here lives near cleveland ohio please contact me! thank you!! hope you all are having a good day!
  6. I always have joint and muscle pain... My parents have told me that sine i was little i would sleep stiff/tense. I still sleep tense alot. i have no idea why. My legs arms hands feet and lower back are the most painful. When i took muscle relaxers at night it would help with my muscle pain but slowed my intestines down even more so my gastro took me off of them after i had a small bowel obstruction.
  7. HI! My hands are always freezing all day long... but i to have the swollen hands that are red when i wake up in the am. My hands feel like they are going to explode like my skin is so tight.... My joints in my hands also are extremely painful while my hands are swollen... I dont know what to do about it, nothing has helped. It is only my hands not my feet or anywhere else.
  8. cannot comment on anything........i dont know why?

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