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    I love dogs and I voulenteer with dog rescue orginizations. I also love art, especially painting. On good days I like to go metal detecting but that involves a lot of standing :). And I LOVE the beach!

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  1. You feel like you can never win When you go out the room starts to spin The doctors don't know the real me So they tell me it's anxiety I drank water until I floated And all it did was make me bloated When I get up I fall to the floor And my skin looks like Barney the Dinosaur POTS really takes so much away But tomorrow will be a better day
  2. Kind of. For me everything has kind of dark haze but lights look really bright.
  3. You automatically try to put your legs up when ever you sit down.
  4. That sounds awful. I hope you feel better soon!
  5. It's a trigger for me too! Especially when she puts all my hair over my face I get so hot (I have a lot hair ). My neighbor has three little toddlers and she found a hair dresser that will come to your house and you just wash your hair beforehand. She charges the same amount so I'm going to go that route next time.
  6. When Postural Orthastatic Tachacardia Syndrome glides easily off your tounge.
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