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  1. Hi Heather, Yes my POTS symptoms are more severe during my period. I'm figuring it's the hormone changes that affect the ANS, and just the loss of blood. It takes me a week (two this month) to get back on the up-swing. I do not know any tricks to improve this so if you find ANYTHING out, please keep us posted. I have an appointment next week and this is one of the things I am going to address.
  2. Hi there! It's all so frustrating isn't it? One of my stays at the hospital connected me with 2 nurses dealing with Celiac themselves. They told me that if I was already eating gluten-free, it may not show because the villi could be healing. I haven't bothered to get the test done because 1) I've been too weak to go through it outpatient and my hospital didn't want to keep me long enough to do it inpatient and 2) my digestive problems have cleared up since I am now gluten-free and Lactose-free. If I stray from my diet, I feel it pretty quick. As far as the cymbalta, it is used for Fybro pain. Check out their website. My cardiologist suggested he may use it for the POTS symptoms because SSRI's are suppose to work in the brain to help regulate blood flow. I haven't tried it though. I am still on a beta blocker and midodrine. Hope you have a good day!
  3. I was diagnosed years ago with Meniere's and was told to stick to a very low salt diet. That worked quite well until my POTS surfaced. Now I need salt and my ears are not well again. I have to be careful how much salt I take in because too much will definitely send me in to vertigo.
  4. Yes, that's where I am too. My heart rate and blood pressure are well controlled, but I have many symptoms. It's quite frustrating.
  5. Thanks for the chuckle on this "low" morning. I especially like 13 and 15!
  6. to MomtoGiuliana- When you were treated with BB and continued to have other POTS symptoms, did you have your meds changed? I too am on a BB with Midodrine and my heart rate and blood pressure are reasonable,but I am still having an array of POTS symptoms. I am thinking of asking for an SSRI but don't want any more problems than I have already. I want to do what I can to get back to a reasonably normal life. Just want some feedback from others who have tried different meds.
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