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  1. I have been extremely sick with this pregnancy. They put me on propranolol back in January when I was first diagnosed with POTS, but since I got pregnant in March, it seems like it has been making some of my symptoms worse. I'm going to stop the propranolol and my doctor wants me to start taking lexapro. Did you try any antidepressants while pregnant and if so, which one(s) did you find helped you? Also, did you find any other medications that helped you during your pregnancy? Also, I would like to read some of the articles you said helped you with your pregnancy. I hope you are feeling better and your family is doing well.
  2. My doctor is recommending I start on Lexapro after I had some bad side effects from Zoloft. I wanted to know if anyone has had either positive or even negative results from taking Lexapro?
  3. Has anyone had to take progesterone early in their pregnancy and if so, did it affect any of your POTS symptoms?
  4. Can anyone tell me if they have got pregnant with pots. Need some advise on this topic.
  5. Was wondering if anyone is taking Neurontin and if it helps..
  6. I was prescribed the Butrans 10 mcg/hour patch to help with my severe head and neck pain.Has anyone taken the Butrans patch or is currently taking it and has it helped or made your symptoms worse? I am curious before I start it to see if anyone here has had a good experience wearing this patch. Current diagnoses: POTS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia
  7. I will be going Dec 12th to see Dr.Goodman at the Mayo Clinic to see if I have POTS. I just wanted to ask if any of you have rapid heart rate at night. I will be asleep and waken up by my heart feeling like its racing, I also get extremely hot and have to throw covers off me and husband turns on fan. It's very scary and sometimes I think I'm going to pass out. I have worn a holter monitor for two weeks and shows tachycardia while sleeping. Beats around 150. Just was wondering if any of you have this symptom at night. Any advise would be helpful...
  8. I have not been officially diagnosed with POTS yet, but I am scheduled to go see Dr. Goodman at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ middle of next month. I wanted to know if anyone has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with POTS? I have been to several doctors and they acknowledge that I have some weird symptoms such as the tachycardia that aren't common to fibromyalgia, but other symptoms such as the horrible pain in the back of my head and neck are more common in fibromyalgia patients. I am curious if anyone has symptoms similar to these along with palpitations and the difficulty in swallowing and sometimes weakness in my arms and legs? Also, I notice that whenever I put my head down and then bring it up again, I get lightheaded and need to sit down. Additionally, if I take a hot shower,I start feeling dizzy, have palpitations, and get confused right away. I am just wondering if anyone else has any of these symptoms because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one experiencing them. Nicole
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