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  1. I have this sometimes as well, especially (like you said) when I'm awakened suddenly. I don't think mine is as severe as yours, but it is kind of a "tuning fork" feeling, like my adrenaline or norephinephrine just kind of went off the charts!
  2. Yeah, mine is usually around 70/40 when I first wake up (when I feel the most awful), but it goes up a bit gradually the longer I'm awake. I just got a blood pressure cuff, so I'm using it way too much! Ha ha.
  3. This has happened to me too. I get that really sick awful pre-syncope feeling. Usually it goes away after a minute or two and I go right back to sleep. I know blood pressure normally lowers when people sleep, so maybe for those of us with POTS and/or normally low blood pressure it's more extreme.
  4. hoping to "validate" soon so I can participate in forums!

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