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  1. Lately I've been having really extreme headaches. It's like an intense pressure that always occurs in the same areas: my crown, the whole back of my head, or like a mohawk across the top, sometimes in the forehead. My doc took me off of my doxycycline for hormonal acne because apparently that's one of the side effects. But the headaches haven't stopped. I feel like they're getting much worse. Today, for instance, all I've been able to do was lay around and just watch tv or click around on the computer. My focus is shot and I'm falling way behind on school work. These headaches just make everything worse.
  2. It's a relief to see you guys go through this, too. My dad always tries to chalk all of my illnesses up to being a symptom of my past depression. Makes me feel like a crazy person! No sixteen year old needs that lol
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