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  1. I'm in the nursing program at University. Got 3 semesters left for my degree, hope I can get well enough to complete it!
  2. It's weird isn't it! When it all began it started with the dreams + fatigue + aching hands. My body feels stiff too in the morning, but no wonder considering I probably do not sleep very well. I never enjoyed the dreams, they are usually quite unpleasant and the feeling from them lingers the whole day. I sweat too some nights, if I put the comforter on I'm instantly sweaty and if I remove it I'm so cold it hurts. Odd to be honest! I think my pressure can drop quite low when sleeping - have had measured like 70/40 or something in the night.
  3. I sweat much more than I ever did. Enough I get even slightly excited or upset and I'm drenched. Twice I've had my whole body sweating so bad it even drenched through my pants. Before I barely ever was sweaty, not even in the hottest summer day. If I eat some big meal I get cold sweats in the hands/feet.
  4. I sleep very poorly, fragmented. Dream weird lively dreams which I remember every morning, I can remember waking up many many times every night. I fall asleep again quickly but wake up again quite fast. Worse when I'm being active, then I get jolted awake constantly throughout the night. Not very fond of sleeping anymore, it has become something unpleasant. Usually my body aches, especially my hands, in the morning. The ache can wake me up sometimes.
  5. I just ordered Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Magnesium pills. Maybe they will help me out some, I probably have some Vitamin D deficiency since I have not been in the sun for years, spent last two summers indoors working and live so far north we don't get strong enough sun in the winter to produce vitamin D.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys!! I thought it was so messed up that she told me it was normal. I don't know how to reply to that - she's supposed to call on friday and I have a feeling she's allready made her mind up regarding me and my symptoms. Blood samples I've given have all been normal so I should be healthy.. as if I didn't know that, I wish I was healthy!!
  7. Sometimes, mostly if I have been exerting myself too, after I eat I don't only get the icecold hands/feet but also start to copiously sweat and shiver + anxiety hits. I guess that's the norepinephrine hitting.
  8. Bren, that makes me feel more certain of myself, thanks! I really wonder why this doctor told me it was normal - I gotta admit to feeling a bit like 'doh, I finally thought I had something I could show them that's not normal AND visible, when she said well that happens to everyone who stands still I just went silent. I'm going through doctors faster than I'm going through my underwear. I did tell her about POTS and she said she would read about it until next week, I really hope she'll keep her word about that, there's not many doctors left to see around here. ~Naomi~ yes! I've seen that picture before. I actually didn't think I had pooling until I compared my legs by letting one rest/putting one down and then the difference was as striking as in the photo. Trach that's just so sad! My family didn't really take me seriously until I showed them my discoloured legs, now they are worried and wondering what the **** is actually going on. I never heard about cyanotic legs happening from just standing /in a healthy person) when I did my anatomy/patophys classes, I wonder where the doctor I met learned that.
  9. That's called Raynaud's phenomenon. I'm sure there's quite alot on google about it!
  10. I do! Mostly after meals though.
  11. Yeah I think my legs look swollen too if I'm upright long enough! I just got so surprised when the doctor said it was normal - I mean does this happen to healthy people? I've seen it in the elderly I care for but they usually have damaged veins and so on. What does your pooling look like?
  12. Thanks for the reply Momto! I thought it was a typical symptom and if this isn't pooling then I'm not sure what pooling is. I don't have a diagnosis but fighting to get one. PCP said she would speak with her superior and call me back in a week.. got a feeling it will be the same thing like "test-results are normal, sorry nothing wrong with you here's the number to psych". Told her my psychiatric doctor thinks this is somatic though, maybe that'll help.
  13. Hey guys. I saw the fifth PCP in a row now today regarding the stuff that's going on. One thing that i have is that my legs feel very full and go red when I'm upright. If I stand still they take on this kind of coloring: I showed her this picture, this was after I had one foot on the ground some 2-3 minutes and other resting horizontally. PCP told me it's normal. But is it, really? In my age - I'm 25 and have never had any issue like this before and I work on my feet walking around. My legs had never felt stuffy before except when I was pregnant and they were filled with fluid. Does this kind of discoloring happen generally too when "healthy" people stand still? I mean none of my friends had never even experienced something like this. She had me stand still some minutes for bp-takes and I was barefoot so she saw my feet turn blue but said it was normal since I wasn't moving around. Maybe I've gotten something wrong but I thought the healthy body handled being upright by contracting veins so the blood went up anyway, can't recall ever seeing my feet (prior to getting ill) or anyone elses feet turn this color.
  14. I had a sick parent as a child. Not for very long, my father did die in cancer when I was 14 after a short battle. What I can give you from this is something I wish I would have had - honesty. No one talked to me about it, that is still my remembrance of it. It was like this you-know-who being in the house that no one mentioned but still knew about and I was so scared. I was so scared he was going to die and he did. I'm sorry your daughter is struggling, I think you should try to really talk to her, make arrangements for a safe place where she can really voice all her concerns maybe not to you but about you. Tell her that that all this must be hard for her and maybe further on explain more about your illness for her - maybe she is afraid you are dying? Everyone around me was pretending or acting as if something was not wrong when there was. It was confusing. I don't tell my daughter, she's just 6, all about how I am feeling but I tell her as much as I can without her having to shoulder any of it. Inevitably she has to - it's due to me we can't do all the things we used to but I try to be as honest as I possibly can. I totally lost track of school (I was a straight A student) and a "pleaser" like your daughter but I was so sad cause of everything I just lost hope. I got counselling later and it helped me. Maybe that would help your daughter? As a teen it might be hard confiding in family. I know it was for me. I longed for someone to talk to me as an adult but most was hushed down. What I know from that time is what I read from my fathers journals when I became old enough for it. Love, Anna
  15. I get quite similar experience to Chaos'. Since all this came I started getting déjà vu's like every day too, just me who gets that? It barely ever happened before. The out of body surreal thing is one of the things that freak me out the most, world feels unreal. Makes me think I might have some dissociative disorder or something.
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