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Hello Dinet!  Am wishing health to All!

I have had fainting issues since I was a young girl. I had occasional black outs throughout my 20's and 30's that made my blood pressure drop so low that I would have a seizure and no one was sure what it was because I was otherwise healthy. This only happened every few years. I also developed gastroparesis, severe migraines & fibromyalgia, but it was all managable. But in 2006 after a terrible bout of pneumonia I was never the same.  It took the doctors 18 months to diagnose a severe lung infection that attacked my entire body. Although treatment helped a few of the symptoms I continued to be sick, black out and have episodes where I would be in and out of consciousness for up to an hour.  Five years later I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Dr. Goodman at Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  He has been a shining star for us!  Evidently, the infection worsened my condition of autoimmune autonomic neuropathy, gastroparesis and the migraine situation, but unfortunately they can't find the exact autoimmune cause, which I'm told can happen to some.  Since the infection I cannot take any medication of any type and have recently worked my way up to children's ibuprofen and tylenol.  I can't take florinef?? due to the fact that it could flare up the lung infection.  I'm told I'm a tough case. haha.  

I can't believe it's been five years.  I kept hoping for this to go away and sometimes when I used to go to bed I would pray that when I woke up this would have been last night's bad dream.  Of course that doesn't happen.  Now, I'm truly working on acceptance, but still filled with hope and faith for some type of cure or miraculous healing.  It's all possible!  I am so so blessed to have some days where I can get out there and do some of the things I used to do.  I truly do appreciate and would love to put those good days in my pocket for dark days, so I do.  My family is so helpful as well as my 10 pound faithful schnauzer.  I love God and everyone in my life,  reading, writing, bike riding when I can, hiking when I can, art, European and Native American history, traveling when I can, French language,  organic foods, yoga for whimps, and in the southwest I have learned a new appreciation and wonder for.... rain & cloudy days! My biggest interest now is trying to find my health and where I belong in my new life.  I'm  giving you a cyber hug for listening. Maiysabiggrin.gif

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