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  1. ilbiligrl : sorry to hear tht u have the same problems. It is quite frustrating. Have u lost weight if u dnt mind me asking? I have lost a bunch of weight. And I do eat it is just after i eat i feel sick so idk why I am having problems with loosing weight. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. Hope ur stomach issues get better.
  2. oh ok thanks so much for the information I greatly appreciate it. I am going to look the gastro thing u are talking about. Yes it really is horrible ughh
  3. Hey guys. So I had a stomach specialist i had been seeing but she got me to a stable point to where my stoamch issues weren't really a problem anymore. But now they are back and what is weird is that my stomach issues feel diff and have other symptoms tht are there. Now I get stomach issues every day with nausea. Also it gets worse when I drink all that fluid I am supposed to be drinking. Does anyone else have stomach issues? Any advice or info on what helps would be great.... Thanks!
  4. Thanks , tht means a lot I am soo sorry u hve had to deal with this for your whole life basically. I hope things start to get better for u.
  5. Yea i am actually apart of dyna kids .. well am going through the application process right now
  6. I am not sure I have never heard of Duck that is interesting I will private message u so we can talk more
  7. ok cool.... I would love to meet up with people around my age. I am not sure where everyone lives around on this site but I live in Charlotte , North Carolina. I was wanting to do something where we all met up, but I need ideas on where we could meet up at? ... I am really intersted in doing this it would be great to have a group of ppl close to my age that is going through something similar to me or even the same
  8. Hey guys. I am just curious to know if there are any young people on here like teens 13-21 years old. I haven't seen many on here. I wanted to get a group togather around this age to meet up with eachother. I know it is harder for us to get togather due to many of us not driving and relying on our parents. I thought it would be cool to get a group togather where we can meet eachother and our parents could meet other parents who have kids with these illnesses. Again just curious and thought it would be cool to meet others around my age ... I am 18 years old.
  9. I am seeing a alternative medicine doctor and she is great! Things like behavioral therapist , massage therapist , acupuncture , healing touch and meditation can be great alternative ways to cope with anxiety , depression , anger , pain , and etc. I have tried some of the things above and it has helped me greatly. I also deal with anxiety and have tried these things and they help way better then any meds have helped me. It is just something I just wanted to put out there to consider trying HOpe this helps. Best wishes to you
  10. Hey guys. I have never had problems sleeping at night untill now. I always could just go to bed and not wake up once during night. Lately I have been waking up several times during the night and I can't seem to sleep in anymore. This is really weird for me considering I never woke up during the night and slept in untill atleast 9 o clock. Now I am awake by 6 or 7 am and it is really frustrating tossing and turning all night. I thought it would of gone away by now but it's been going on for about a month now. Does this happen to anyone? Does anyone take medicine for sleep? Thanks.
  11. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2009/02/04/10-part-time-jobs-you-can-do-from-home/ Also I am not sure how bad your condition is and what you can all do. But here is a websit I found that list 10-jobs you can do from home
  12. Hey. I noticed no one has yet to commenet on this so I thought id give u some feed back. I am 18 and had to quit working at 16 due to my POTS. I find it nearly impossible to work a steady job with POTS. But anyways I was going to say I have heard some people have office/receptionist/secreatary jobs from home. Doing things filing paperwork, organizing , putting in data, anwering phones, and etc. I found some of these type of jobs on craigslist. I hope this help a little. Wish you all the best and Good Luck!
  13. I know exactly how you feel. I find it nearly impossible to drink that much and when I do even get half way close to how much I am supposed to drink if feel bloated and nauteous. Drinking makes me feel worse I am still trying to find a way to drink all of that w/out feeling crappy. And to be honest I think my flourinef is retaining to much fluid and I am not going to the bathroom as much as I should.
  14. Yes! I always see stuff like this. Mine is I always see like dots , lines , and also colors mainly when I've stood to long or get up to fast. But sometimes I can just be sitting staring at something or be looking at something and I will see that color everywhere. Sometime i see like the ground moving its really weird.
  15. No I am not wearing them at night at all... I actually only wore them only like 2hrs and that was it. But now I am kinda scared bout the blood clot thing
  16. Hey guys. So my pediatric cardiolgist perscribed me comprssion stockings that come up to the waist the 30-40 pretty much the highest ..... After the first day of wearing them I noticed my leg was very itchy and hurt badly. I wore them anyway again and then this morning woke up and can barly walk on my leg. It is my right leg (my whole lower right calf) I am now using crutches for support. Has this happened to anyone? My mom has called the doctor but we have yet to hear back? Also my leg is swollen. Any info would be nice thanx.
  17. ok thats good to know. I will just get the oral supplement
  18. Hey guys. Was wondering if anyone on here gets B12 shots and if you do how did you get the doctor to perscribe them for you? I heard they can work magic on some people when it comes to energy. I was wanting to talk to my doctor about them even though I am not low in it. I still know others who get the shots even with their levels being fine. Any info would help Thanks.
  19. Hey guys. I just applied for disability from social security and am very nervous about following through with the process. They are sending me the last of the application process....which is to sighn a paper giving them permission to release my medical records. Soo my questions are Can the government take away my license? or car? Can this keep me from getting a future job? Has anyone else applied for or is on disability? I am very nervous about giving all my private info away. I am also scared that if i do get diability that this will affect my future job (hoping i will recover) and if they will take away my license. I am a part-time student and need to drive to get to school. Any information you have would be much appreciated....thanks.
  20. Thats actually a really good question. I have been wondering that myself. It seems like from all the stuff we go through and the blood pressure drops etc. that this could be life threatning and always wondered if you could die from this. I was told that you can't die from it and it is not life threatning. But I have a hard time believing this considering hearing all of the stories of people. Also Yes I do get sooo scared with my symptoms. This is something my doctors have been working with me on. They tell me no matter how high my heart rate gets or how low my BP gets not to worry cuz POTS is not life-threatning. Again I find tht hard to believe but I try not to worry. It is hard not to worry though. I def worry a lot when it comes to my POTS. Hope this helps a little. Wish you all the best.
  21. I would def recommend the Mayo clinic if you want some answers. I go to Duke Childrens but have heard wonderful things about Mayo clinic.
  22. Hey. I just turned 18 years old and know what it is like to be a teenager suffering from it. I started having symptoms in 9th grade and no one could tell me what was wrong it took them until I was in 12th grade to finally diagnose me with POTS. I def. know what it is like to have to juggle school while having a chronic illness. I am sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. I actually ended up doing half day homebound school my 12th grade year. I started homebound becuae I was just like you and could barly make it to school let alone walk down the hallways. My doctor filled out this form that the school has for homebound. Homebound it actually not bad and made it very easy for me to finish school. I had mostly online classes but if you don't a teacher from you school or princibal/ assistant etc. will bring you your assighments (like to your home). this is how it is done where I live which is Charlotte NC. If you need anything or anyone to talk to please feel free to message me. I know how difficult it can be being a teenager with this. I wish all the best, and hope things get better.
  23. Hey. I really hope Kayleigh gets better. I can understand what it is to be only a teenager suffering from it. Please tell her that she'll be in my prayers. It is not fun being in the hospital. From experience :/ But I hope that she will recovery quickly and fully.....best wishes for kayleigh, you , and the family. So sorry you guys are having to go through this.
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