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  1. It has helped me more than anything. I take 20mg four times a day. Before I started it I was having headaches a lot, but now they are much better. Good luck.
  2. Dehydration will show a high hemaglobin and hematocrit. It will drop when properly hydrated.
  3. I can work because I have to, but that leaves me unable to do anything social or fun on my off days. All I do is crash.
  4. I work nights and I just switch it to taking it in the evening. My worst time is at the begining of the shift, that's when we are most busy. I take a klonipin before bed and sleep fine. It's not the best, but it works.
  5. It has helped me with energy when I take it, but most opiates give me a boost when I take them. Which is the issue. Last year I had multiple surgeries and complications, I noticed I was taking them not just when I was in pain, but also to feel better. I quickly weaned myself off. I wish there was something like them I could take, but I know that even tramadol I would overtake now.
  6. I get this when I don't take my antidepressant for several days or abruptley stop another med. That is what causes if for me.
  7. I have been working night shift and the first couple of hours I struggle. My heart rate races, I feel faint, and I'm diaphoretic. Monday I start day shift for a month and was wondering what others do to help minimize symptoms. I don't want to faint while taking care of a patient. Then I become the patient.
  8. I haven't had any side effects. In fact it has helped me feel more relaxed since it has brought my resting heart rated down. Also I was having migraines before and it has helped with that. I know it is used for migraines also. It hasn't been a miracle drug, I don't have any more energy with it, but it has helped a lot. Good luck.
  9. I take 20mg four times a day. It has helped my heart rate tons.
  10. Bless your heart. I've felt bad for so long I don't think I remember what sex is.
  11. prunes or prune juice/coffee/milk of mag. We consider that the GI cocktail for post open heart surgery that have not gone yet. After that and we got them up to walk we would sometime follow down the hall with towel because you couldn't get back to the room quick enough. lol. I have also heard of mag citrate to get the bowel cleared, not the whole bottle like with preping for a gi test. good luck with it. I keep prunes around for me. Good luck Trudy
  12. I pray for you. I so wish you had a better support group. Bless your heart for going through this by yourself. Yes, you are living with family, but it sounds like they are mean and controlling. I wish you the best. Trudy
  13. I usually feel off for the rest of the day, sometimes a couple of days.
  14. No they have no clue at all. Even my husband, who is very compassionate and understanding, doesn't always get it.
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