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  1. I am new here and just wanted to give my input. I have leg swelling that seems to be increased by all the salt I am eating to feel better. I have noticed it is worse if I don't drink enough water for the amount of salt I am eating. If I press on an area it does dent in, but then it disappears. I can gain 4-6 pounds during the day and lose it overnight. If I did not lose the weight overnight I would be worried. My mom died of CHF. My legs do hurt to the touch when they are swollen and bruise very easily. Even running a razor over my legs is uncomfortable. The doctors always want to squeeze my ankles to feel the swelling. Ouch! Makes me flinch, even sometimes just knowing they are going to do it. Why do they have to do that when they can see with their eyes! My shoes seem to keep my feet from swelling. I also have varicose veins up and down the backs of both legs that also make my legs hurt. I wonder if the hole in my heart has any relation to the swelling. Drs never decided if it is PFO or ASD.
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